May 8, 2018

How to Make Empowering Fashion Choices






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How to Make Empowering Fashion Choices



How to Make Empowering Fashion Choices


The boldest of styles made themselves known on the catwalk this year with everything from neon lavender powersuits to sculptural evening gowns.  All the runways from both F/W and SS fashion shows have provided us with enough of these bold choices to last us not a season, but perhaps a decade. Now, in the age of female empowerment, it would simply be a waste not to show your attitude with your clothing. While some of these will be obvious choices, others might surprise you, so let’s dive in and see how we can make you as fierce and powerful on the outside as you are on the inside.



Let’s start with the corporate world


Even though the corporate dress code is starting to ‘loosen up’ a bit, there are still certain unwritten rules as to what constitutes professional work attire. According to psychologist Karen Pine, one of the key pillars of success in the workplace, and even one that can put you on a fast track to a promotion, is dressing in a way similar to your boss. So, if your boss is all about the suit and tie, this is the perfect opportunity to reclaim the suit from the boys’ club and use it to your own advantage. Thanks to the grand comeback of the power suit, you now have as many options and types of suits, from oversized to fitted, single-color, checkered and even floral so, take your place and make your presence known with a powerful suit. You’ll walk the fine line between masculine and feminine, and trust us, you will love it.



Enough with the torture


We have been pigeonholed for most of our lives, with people telling us that we look more polished and chic -even more feminine – when wearing a pretty pair of pumps. If you’re tired of coming back home with sore feet because you’re trying to blend in, just stop. There was a very powerful moment when Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy ditches her pumps and takes her old hospital crocs out of the drawer. There are tons of incredibly fashionable, feet-friendly choices out there, such as loafers, ballerina flats, and even Birkenstock sandals, which have yet again made a huge comeback to mainstream fashion.  



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When it comes to graphic tees, fast-fashion retailers in the past few years have been mostly whimsical, designing tops with phrases such as ‘shopping is my cardio’ or simply ‘donuts’. However recently in this age of empowerment, designers have taken it upon themselves to make a simple T-shirt way more impactful and meaningful. Don’t be afraid of showing your fierce side by wearing shirts that say something along the line of ‘the future is female’ or ‘we should all be feminists’.



The piece that has a life of its own


The right choice of bag is always important, especially when you wish to exude power and look like you’re on top of things and owning the game (which you are). Try to invest in high-quality pieces in this department, as your choice of bag speaks volumes of just how fierce you are. There are tons of incredible, practical and chic options, so just choose the one that speaks not only to your style persona but also one that allows you to be practical and go about your day not worrying whether you left something behind.



Supporting your fellow (wo)man


Regardless of what your style preferences are, supporting small brands for which one of the main goals is to empower women is always a kind and helpful thing to do for fellow females across the globe. There are brands such as Raven and Lily, whose goal is to alleviate poverty among women in countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Guatemala, the USA and Haiti. They employ at-risk female artisans, use eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their materials and design processes and donate funds for their artisan communities’ healthcare and educational needs. They also make incredible minimalist pieces. Other brands with similar goals and practices include Soko, Sudara and VETTA Capsule Collection, and aside from these brands being ethical, they make killer clothes that flatter women of all shapes and sizes and definitely deserve your support for more reasons than one.




Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has written for as long as she can remember.  She is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.



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How to Make Empowering Fashion Choices

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