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Elevating Women's Stories 
& Exploring What it Means to Live on Purpose

About the Podcast

Our 5-Star Rated Podcast is back with a brand new season...
We're going deeper with our line-up of seriously fierce past speakers, members and special guests on the values, virtues and vices that make life meaningful - and
exploring what it means to live on purpose.

I had the idea for She Is Fierce! so many years ago ... and worked for YEARS for media organizations pitching the idea that women need non-cheesy, practical support and community to grow their careers, business and lives.

I never did convince anyone else to start my big idea - so I did it myself!

I founded She Is Fierce! as a place for female leaders and women on the rise to come together in a supportive community...

What's your big idea? 
Let me help you start it! >

I’m Kelly, your podcast host, and live-life-on-purpose cheerleader. 


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"This content delivered in this podcast is pure gold.

I absolutely love the insights and resources that are share
d in these episodes.  They are so helpful to me as I continue with building my career." — Leslie Z.

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