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Australian Fashion And Beauty As An Inspiration

March 7, 2018

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Australian Fashion And Beauty As An Inspiration



You might have this notion that, since Australia is geographically a bit cut off from the northern hemisphere, girls from the Land Down Under are not in sync with what goes on in the fashion capitals up north. To a certain extent you would be right, especially since the geographical position of the country also means that when we’re struggling with winter layers, they’re enjoying summer and vice versa. However, this isolation actually works to Australia’s advantage in the fashion department. It allows them to grab onto certain trends but still maintain a unique and distinct sense of style, one you should definitely be watching. These women make their own rules, and today we’re going to show you why their styles should serve as beacons of inspiration to you.

The Best Lesson



When new knitwear and outerwear trends appear on the Northern Hemisphere, Aussie girls are naturally tempted to snag the pieces even though they won’t be needing them for months to come. And you know what – they buy the pieces and then rock them when the time is right. This is one of the biggest lessons to learn – don’t let the season tell you what to buy. If you see an item that makes you fall head over heels with it, buy it and wear it when the weather calls for it. Don’t delay your shopping satisfaction.

You Can Have It All



The general rule of thumb is – you can be either a minimalist or a bohemian style lover, but these two will never meet. Well, Aussies beg to differ. Even though they’re known for their love of a great, breezy playsuit, which by nature is more on the boho side, it’s all up to the color palette. Minimalism is, among other things, defined by the neutral color palette, and knowing this, an Aussie woman can rock a white playsuit and white slides, exude a totally minimal vibe and just add a touch of boho with a cool necklace or a colorful belt. Style rules are to be followed, but those who know how to break them have so much more fun.

Don’t Sweat It



A typical Australian woman will often be spotted rocking some very bold and gorgeous outfits, but unlike many other women, for her this comes as a result of actually not caring too much. She is not a woman who pre-plans her outfits; she simply opens her closet and puts together the first items that tickle her fancy. A lesson to learn: don’t think about it too much, and don’t obsess about rules, go with your instinct and be more playful. You’ll be surprised where your mind can take you when you put it on the spot.

The Arsenal



Whether she’s been blessed with a life near the beach or not, an Australian woman is never without a serious arsenal comprised of sexy bikinis, tankinis and retro one-piece swimsuits – you name the style, she’s got it. Of course, this makes more sense when you have the opportunity to rock all those different swimsuits on a regular basis, but this brings us to the beauty secrets. Whether in the ocean or a local pool, Australian girls make it their habit to swim regularly – it helps you keep your health and get a killer body in the most fun way possible, too. You know what to do, go scouting for the nearest water.

There Are Other Options



Women in the Northern Hemisphere are still in the midst of the skinny jeans frenzy, but Aussie girls know how to mix it up in the denim department. Instead of the constricting and often unflattering skinny cut, they go for bootleg and flared jeans, usually a size larger. By taking the ‘looser route’ they’re able to not only move more freely, but exude that nonchalantly chic vibe that you just can’t achieve with skinny jeans. In addition to that, flared jeans let them get away with rocking denim at the office as they can be dressed up or down – this is definitely something you want to take into account.





In the beauty department, there are two things you should definitely learn from Australian women: take the natural route and show brand loyalty. Australian women, who, granted are generally in tune with nature, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of great skincare which lies in natural and organic products. This is why they’ve been increasingly supportive of some of the most famous domestic skincare brands such as 100% Pure and Kora Organics. With natural skincare, what you see is what you get, and it’s better to wait a bit for the results to kick in than to resort to potentially dangerous quick fixes. Their skincare routine is minimal but effective – a natural cleanser, oil or serum and a moisturizer (always with high SPF).

They also stick with the brands they love – others may have forgotten about brand loyalty, but these women haven’t. Whether it’s clothing, makeup or skincare, they stick with not only predominantly domestic manufacturers and brands, but also show a great deal of loyalty and are unlikely to switch brands. This is definitely food for thought.




Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has written for as long as she can remember.  She is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.




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