September 2, 2018

Fall Workwear Essentials for Entrepreneurs and Professionals






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Fall Workwear Essentials for Entrepreneurs and Professionals


According to numerous studies, including one published in an article in the Business Insider, “your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. And, because perception is often reality, what you wear not only communicates who you are in the minds of others, but also influences your level of career advancement.”


What this essentially tells us, is it that not only does being properly put-together force people to see you as someone who has it all figured out, but when you take pride in what you wear, the external perception turns into an internalized sense of capability, power and competency. So, needless to say – what you wear and how you accessorize is more important than you might have ever thought, with fall just around the corner, it’s time to talk business. Business attire, that is.


The one that says it all



We could think of countless clothing options that will send just the right message, whether you work for yourself, are in charge of a great number of people, or you’re one of the worker bees trying to climb the corporate ladder. There are superiors to impress, power to exude for those working under you and showing potential clients and investors that you are the perfect person for the job. However, in a sea of professional and chic clothing options, there is one that still reigns supreme, and we have a feeling this will be the case for a very long time – the power suit.


You can opt for a slightly oversized version, which is super chic and shows that you are both in control and not too uptight. Then, there is the pastel pantsuit, perfect for the beginning of fall as it exudes equal parts of femininity and power. Now, once we enter the colder fall months, this period will call for more serious and truly scientifically powerful hues such as navy, black and grey. Make sure it fits perfectly, so you don’t look slouchy as this is often associated with frumpiness; make sure it’s perfectly pressed and crisp, and with the right blouse, possibly something with a bow neckline. Just take care that you stock up on formal blouses and classic white shirts since these will save the day every time and mesh with everything you’ve got.


That perfect dress



When it comes to dresses in the office, this tricky area must be approached with the utmost care. You don’t want it to be too short or tight as that might send a signal about a lack of professionalism and knowledge on the dress code.


Now, if the dress in question is purple, all the better, as ultra-violet (hence all similar shades) is the official color of the year, and since according to Pantone it represents power and change, what better way to incorporate it into your wardrobe than with a dress that will dazzle at work and send all the right signals, not to mention awakening the femme go-getter in you.


Casual Friday



There are days when things at the office are pretty low-key, which is the perfect time to bust out the ultimate business casual power combo. All you need for a killer office appropriate yet stylish outfit is a pair of dark wash jeans – emphasis on the dark – a quality cotton tee, and a larger than life cool blazer. You can elevate the look with classic pumps or give the feet a rest with flat oxfords, which are both sensible and sharp, and with a great simple tote on your shoulder, you are ready to go.


Now, as a busy woman who is always on the go, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to browse through countless boutiques, so the wisest and most time-saving things you can do for your style is to turn to a great online clothing store which offers a variety of garments, from blouses, blazers, tees and even outerwear and kill several style birds with one stone.


The young professional


No piece of outerwear says “I’m a pro” like a classic trench coat. This little number elevates the simplest of outfits. It’s also sharp and smart, but also currently (and always) on trend and on point, which makes it the smartest work and life outerwear investment you’ll ever make.


The cool girl factor



Since most companies nowadays have loosened up the dress code to a certain extent, a motto leather jacket has become to office attire what the little black dress is for formal events – a foolproof item. Depending on what you choose to wear on that particular day, your outfit can become edgier or more casual, and this kind of versatility this jacket provides is always welcome.


Easy peasy


A jumpsuit is one of the easiest things you can pull out of your closet, perhaps even a garment that is easier to style than the mighty dress. Just make sure the fabric is a bit sturdier and doesn’t crease, that the pattern isn’t too loud or too busy. A black jumpsuit with white stripes is always a safe bet, and it looks great with any of the aforementioned pieces of outerwear, and if the dress code allows it, you can even rock it with tennis shoes.


Speaking of shoes



So, classic pumps, flat oxford, loafers, leather flats and leather tennis shoes along with camel ankle boots will get you through the fall without compromising your sense of style. The era of sky-high stilettos is over, so don’t torture your feet when there are so many chic office-friendly options out there.


Final touch


Every busy woman needs a good big bag that can handle everything she throws at it. A solid leather tote is your best choice, although news on the street is that leather backpacks, which are super sleek and chic, are the new business tote, so if you have room for two investments of this variety, go for both. 


Sophia Smith is an Australia-based beauty and style blogger. She is very passionate about the latest fashion trends and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly about beauty- and fashion-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Viva Glam Magazine, How to Simplify, Whytt Magazine and Carousel.You can find out more about her writing by following her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +




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Fall Workwear Essentials for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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