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Powerful Keys to Growth Mindset Success

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Powerful Keys To Growth Mindset Success


Powerful Keys to Growth Mindset Success

You’ve heard about the benefits of a growth mindset, but how does someone change their mindset? Research on brain plasticity has shown that neural connections can change with experience. That means there are things you can do to change the way you think. Here are five keys to encourage growth mindset success.


Growth mindset versus fixed mindset


A mindset has a major impact on the trajectory of a person’s life. Someone with a fixed mindset will base their life around what they consider their inborn strengths, while shunning unfamiliar situations. People with fixed mindsets often give up on a task that proves challenging, since if their attributes cannot accomplish their goal, then it seems unlikely they will succeed.


Alex Ferguson, a psychologist writing for UK top writers, explains, “A growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset. If you have a fixed mindset, then you believe your personality, emotions, level of intelligence, and other characteristics are predetermined and not something you can change.”


So, on the other hand, a person possessing a growth mindset approaches life with the belief that they determine whether they succeed or fail at something. These people approach failure as a learning experience, an opportunity to improve themselves.


Open your mind to new experiences


Be open to new experiences. Carol Dweck, a pioneer in growth mindset theory, asked participants, possessing either a fixed or growth mindset, a group of difficult questions. She then examined her subjects’ brain activity while they were informed on how well they had done.


What Dweck discovered was that those with a fixed mindset showed interest while hearing that they had answered correctly. Their brains were much less active when hearing information about questions they had answered incorrectly. Dweck concluded from this exercise that a fixed mindset is a barrier to someone learning.


Sandra Wheeler, writer at Best Australian Writers, advises, “The participants with growth mindsets experienced a high level of brain activity throughout the process and learned more from the exercise than those with the fixed mindset. Approach life with a growth mindset if you value continuous learning.”


Your words and their impact


What you say and don’t say can have a major effect on the people around you. Does your growth mindset carry over to the way you approach relationships? Do you find yourself encouraging others to grow and develop their talents and abilities? Or do you sometimes forget that everyone has the capacity to improve themselves if they adopt a growth mindset? If this is the case, try and think of some ways you can improve and encourage a growth mindset in the people around you.


Consider organizing your thoughts on paper. Maybe you communicate better this way; try writing a letter or a note to someone, encouraging them to think about adopting a growth mindset or express your thoughts in a poem, essay, or even a book by using writing guides such as Via Writing and Grammarix. Also, according to study, writing is a key to improved mood, well-being, it reduces stress and improves creativity.


Maintain a good attitude


Your attitude is so important, guard it carefully against negativity. Watch out for negative comments, don’t let them distract you. Listen to the voice inside you, rather than obsessing over criticism, if you think it is coming from a place of growth mindset. Be compassionate with yourself; don’t be any harder or more negative than you would be when speaking to a friend or family member. If you can get into the habit of keeping a positive outlook, then you will also be able to harness the power of envisioning a positive outcome.


Before you accomplish a goal, you must visualize yourself doing it. Think about what success means to you and then picture yourself achieving that success. Think about how great you will feel when you master this new skill, doing this will help you focus on accomplishing it. Perhaps your goal is to establish your own business. The good example is BoomEssays, which was founded by person, who changed his mindset to a growth mindset and reaped the rewards.


Celebrate when you succeed


When you experience success, take a moment to celebrate it. More importantly, take stock of why you succeeded. Think of the hard work that allowed you to learn the skill that led to your success. Focus on what you’ve done to achieve, rather than accept it as a result of your inborn talents. Think about how your growth mindset has played a role in helping you succeed. Some people find it helpful to keep a journal about these things. If you want a helping hand getting started, check out resources such as Revieweal.


Change your mindset and you will change your life. You can encourage a growth mindset by keeping an open mind towards new experiences, being mindful of your words and their impact, maintaining a good attitude, and celebrating your successes. Changing your mindset sounds difficult, but if you are mindful and follow these keys, it is within your grasp.




Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at Oxessays. Also, Brenda is a part-time educator and Editor in Chief at Essayroo. She believes that constant learning is the only way to success. You can visit her personal blog at



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