February 8, 2018

How to Create Your Signature Style






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How to Create Your Signature Style


There are certain items in our wardrobes as well accessory collections that intentionally or not, become a personal staple. These are usually items that have a timeless quality to them, but more importantly, items that are ‘you’. We all own a thing or two that always makes us think ‘that’s so me’. In case this rings a bell, you’re in luck, because you’re well on your way to creating a signature style that will always be recognizable and authentic. If not, we have some work to do, but worry not, with a few simple tips, you will get there before you know it.

Look inside


Before you can commit to any other particular garment for the purpose of creating a signature style, there are a few things you need to clear up with yourself. You need to take a close look at your preferred color palette, the types of cuts and fabrics, as well as prints and patterns you’re drawn to. This way you will be able to establish whether you’re a minimalist (who sticks to simple clean designs and neutral hues and non-colors), a statement dresser who isn’t afraid of mixing and matching different patterns like a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. Perhaps you’re a low-key casual lover, who likes her clothes to reflect the sense of comfort and doesn’t make a big fuss about planning an outfit. Once you’ve come to a realization of who you are as a style persona, you can begin your hunt for staple pieces.


Starting from the bottom


Regardless what your stance on sneakers is, or what your personal style is for that matter, you simply have to own at least one pair. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, there are now in existence sneakers that look more like chic flat shoes than a piece of running or training equipment. Now, a pair of white sneakers are an undeniable staple piece, as they are easy to combine and allow you to make a smooth transition from office to casual and even elegant style. As soon as you get that perfect pair, you will realize why it should have been your go-to item all along.

Something for everyone


A classic striped shirt is a cult classic for a reason. It works well for statement dressers, as it contains a print that they can then pair up with something in the floral or polka dot family. Minimalists love it as it contains just the right dose of print to give their neutral choices a bit of flair. Then there are the casual lovers who can just throw on a simple blazer over a shirt like this and make the entire outfit pop. Make no mistake, whoever you are, this item will find a place among your staples.

The investment piece


When building your staple arsenal, almost everything is an investment as you want quality goods made of quality fabrics and supreme tailoring. However, one piece is truly an investment above all others and it’s the mighty bag. Believe it or not, but people notice your choice of bag far more than you might think, and it does tell something about you. The craftsmanship, the details (or lack of), the choice of color and the quality of the fabric speak volumes of your style persona, so you better choose it wisely. It should definitely be a designer bag because this isn’t a short-term thing – a great bag is a commitment. For instance, the amazing Celine in Sydney offers a variety of the chicest bags out there, and you are bound to find the perfect one.

Make it pop


Every truly stylish person has that one piece of outerwear that almost defines their entire style. However, when choosing your outerwear, be careful – bomber jackets and oversized puffer jacket may be having their 15 minutes of fame now, but we know that they have no staying power. This is why, for people of all style, it’s essential to choose from the timeless family. A leather moto jacket works for everyone, and it can give a chic, casual or edgy vibe, all depending on how you choose to wear it. It’s a piece of outerwear to end all outerwear. What makes it your personal signature is how you wear it, but it will certainly help you define your look.

The thing


Now, one of the most important factors that will make or break your style uniqueness is your choice of accessories. You can choose to be a belt person, one that makes it her goal to incorporate a belt into every outfit. You can be known as the girl who always wears interesting scarves, or is never seen without the same locket or a string of pearls. An abundance of bangles can be ‘your thing’, or like Bella Hadid, you too can always be spotted with killer eyewear. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just find that one type of accessories that inspires you and brings life to every outfit, and just like a signature perfume, you will become known for it.


Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has written for as long as she can remember.  She is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.


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How to Create Your Signature Style

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