What Strongman Has Done For Me

What Strongman Has Done For Me


Before Strongman I was in college living a very typical college girl life (parties, class, stress). I was also living with some serious insecurity and uncertainty. Fitting in was important and peer pressure seemed to be the only motivation I had for social activities. In essence I was just going through the motions. Then, my junior year, I found Strongman. I was desperately trying to find myself and was at the point where I’d do just about anything anybody told me for some attention. When I first started Strongman, I didn’t intend to compete or really take it anywhere, I just wanted to get strong and do something different. It was my way of turning my back on the normal, and climbing out of what felt like a prison that society had put me in.


When first starting out in this sport it never occurred to me that I was one of the only females in my state training this way. It didn’t matter to me, because there was this awe and power in getting strong that I soon became addicted to. There wasn’t this male dominated vibe either. In fact the men in this sport have only ever been encouraging, motivating and inspirational.


What has been the most surprising to me has always been the reactions I get from other women who are not in the sport. A typical response is bewilderment and disbelief as they cannot fathom that a small woman (5’2” 140 lbs) is involved with strongman. They just can’t believe that I’m capable of such feats and that I have enough confidence to do it without apology. This reaction seems to implode in on them as they go onto to say, “I could never do that”, “I’m too weak for that type of thing” or “aren’t you afraid of getting too big?” My passion now lies in helping these women truly understand that being strong is not about the males or the competition. It’s about you and it’s about putting yourself out there enough to do what it takes to get strong and leave all the doubts behind. Of course that means taking care of your body, working hard, and being disciplined when training gets hard and life is pouring down the rain.

For me, being female in a male dominated sport has never actually bothered me, on the contrary, it’s helped me. You know how you always hear motivational quotes about surrounding yourself with people who you want be or the people you want to be like? Well that’s exactly what I did when I started Strongman. All I have ever wanted to do was be the strongest version of myself (mentally and physically) possible. By surrounding myself with the people who are strongest (and that has mostly been men up to this point) I have gotten really strong and am well on my way to fulfilling that potential in myself.


As a woman in a man’s world, I’ve been more inspired to work harder than ever. The strength world has exploded and now more than ever females want in on what strength is and how it can change their life. So for me, being in strongman I don’t look at it as a “male dominated sport” I look at it as an opportunity for women to see my journey, and want in on how amazing this experience can be.


Before strength training and Strongman I had no idea what it was like to be strong. I was self conscious, worried about what the guys in the gym thought and would never go in the free weight area. When I discovered what strength training could do for me, I was no longer concerned with the opinions of others. This journey was about ME and it didn’t matter how male dominated it was. I wanted to be strong and nobody was going to take that from me.


Again, no men in the strength community has ever discouraged me from training, competing or accomplishing my goals. In fact, most promoters I’ve met have been ecstatic that there are females willing to compete. The Strongman world has been pretty awesome to me. Sure you’ll always have the dudes outside of Strongman who will say something negative, but it’s not something I let phase me. To me, strength will always matter, and excuses will not. I will not allow someone else’s opinion become an excuse for me to deny myself.


For me it is more about building women up and wanting them to get into something that pushes their limits and changes their lives. It is not about being a female in a male dominated sport. It is about getting strong, being resilient, staying consistent, learning discipline, working hard, and then taking those qualities from the weight room and applying it to your daily life.


Through Strongman I have not only become confident, but I’ve become the person I used to dream about. I worry much less about what people think and I’m more comfortable in my own skin than I ever thought possible. I look at myself as a fierce Shieldmaiden crusading for my cause that has brought me so much happiness and gratitude! This weekend I’m headed to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival for the largest strongman competition in America. Strongman has taken me places that I never conceived possible and this is just the beginning for both of us.


Hannah has spent the last ten years in the weight room being as an athlete and coach. The last few years she has  become a champion powerlifter and Strongwoman. Holding several state records and placing in the top 7 at at the 2018 Arnold Amatuer Strongman World Championships. Hannah has been putting her love for lifting to good use. In addition to lifting heavy weights, she also holds a Masters degree in Coaching and Sport Education.  Hannah continues this journey through her writing where she educates others on how to build strength through Strongman training. Her passion is to share with the world how lifting weights-specifically competing and training in Strongman-has changed her complete outlook on life. Hannah’s goal is to help women gain confidence, strength, and build healthy mindsets using strength training.

Why Confidence Is the Best Style


Why Confidence Is the Best Style


If there is one thing that instantly speaks of style, that captivates the audiences, that makes you look like someone who has it all together, it’s confidence. Chin up, shoulders back, and a smile that graces your face – all of this is pretty much the equivalent of wearing the latest Birkin bag. For women, confidence isn’t just something that they can use to look more attractive; it’s something that influences every aspect of their life, but particularly their careers and the way people respond to them in a professional environment.

Fashion, style, and high self-esteem are linked very closely together, so the way you present yourself can make a true difference in how you are perceived. If you curate your wardrobe cleverly, you’ll definitely get to not only look better, but feel better as well. How can you do that? Let’s find out!


The psychology of good fashion


There is something extremely comfortable about knowing you look good. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you know that the garment fits you, that it accentuates all your best features, that it’s drawing people in because you’re bewitching in your little hand-picked getup.

Picking out a good outfit to wear even when we’re feeling absolutely exhausted and cranky affects us on a very deep emotional level. We might have that stressful meeting coming up, but damn, we look like a million bucks and it’s difficult to resist the urge to sway your hips just a little, to walk with that spring in your step, to smile and enjoy the fact that you look polished and that people can’t help but soak in every word you say.


Power suits and lingerie


A staple of the business world, suits are sleek, they are polished, and they are a surefire way to feel like a powerful, unstoppable woman who’s about to take over the world. If your suit is making you feel bored, it’s time to change things up. Imagine yourself in an off-white, Dior-inspired pantsuit. Your heels are high, your hair is pinned into a neat little bun, and you have a delicate silk blouse underneath your blazer, and maybe a pair of gold earrings gracing your face. Now imagine yourself walking into a big meeting looking like that, like a professional, like a smooth, confident woman. And the best thing? Underneath it all, you’ve got a set of sexy, lacy white lingerie that’s your little secret, that’s making you feel even better, that’s making you completely aware of how good you look and how much you love every last bit of you.

And you don’t even have to go for such a commanding look. Having a good selection of easy-to-wear colors – elegant black, chocolate brown, dove grey – is still going to look impressive if you keep in mind that you should dress for yourself, and that accessories make all the difference.

Accessories that change your perception


It works kind of like lingerie, really. A good pair of Jimmy Choos isn’t really necessary to look good, but it does make us feel good. If you prefer comfort and hate wearing heels, that’s great too! We recommend finding a pair of classic black Oxfords or stylish loafers and enjoying the lightness in your step.

The same goes for ladies. The right accessory can transform your outfit, and the most important things for the office are: a watch, earrings, and most of all, a bag. Why not invest in really good pieces that will make you stand out? A high-quality bag, like the ones from Oroton, could really bring that professional polish and high-class style to your outfit, especially if you pick something made of leather. The watch and the earrings should be subtle, but graceful – just bear in mind that you don’t want them to be too attention-grabbing because that might end up looking garish. Another way to zhoosh up your outfits? A scarf. Tie a silk Hermes scarf around your bag handle and make it your trademark style quirk.

Makeup as a form of expression


Maybe you always wear cat liner, or maybe red lipstick is your signature. Maybe you pull off that “no makeup” makeup look like no one else. Whether you’re getting ready to go out or need something subtle for the office, makeup can be coordinated with your outfit to make it even more effective and stylish.


Let your outfit speak for you. Let your personality and style show, and wear it all with confidence – you’ll look impressively professional and attractive.


Sophia Smith is an Australia-based beauty and style blogger. She is very passionate about the latest fashion trends and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly about beauty- and fashion-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Viva Glam Magazine, How to Simplify, Whytt Magazine and Carousel.

You can find out more about her writing by following her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +



Finding Confidence In The Experience Of Motherhood


Finding Confidence In The Experience Of Motherhood


In a world of Instagram perfection, it can be difficult to feel like the strong, confident momma that is living within you…sometimes deep, deep down within you (but I promise, she is there).  

Your feed is flooded with beautiful images of other mothers’ babies who always look perfectly content, without a tear or tantrum in sight.  Better yet, there are countless pictures of well-put-together mommas who look like they have somehow managed to pull off a full 8 hours of sleep, all without a drop of spit up or baby goop staining their clothes (and did I mention, they are wearing “real” clothes…not the leggings and baggy sweater that you’ve worn three days in a row, and that your husband now lovingly refers to as your “mom uniform”).  

Who are these women?  How are they so perfect?  How did they find the time to shower, let alone put on makeup? Why don’t their babies seem to keep them up all night nursing at the all-you-can-eat milk buffet? What are their secrets and what am I doing wrong?  These are the nagging questions that run through our minds as we casually scroll through our social media feeds and see all of this blissful “perfection.”  

The truth is, we are all guilty of this.  We post the happiest (and often, highly edited) moments of our life, not the poop-covered, red-eyed, sleep deprived, frizzy, 3-day old hair moments.  There is no shame in that.  I have done it too, and there’s nothing wrong with sharing sweet and well-thought-out images of our beloved babies.  After all, we spent 9 months carrying these little humans, and we deserve to show them off and feel that good mommy pride that comes with a beautiful moment captured on our iPhones.  

The only downside is that in sharing only the good stuff, we may sometimes give a false sense of perfection to our fellow mommas in the trenches.  I’m all for a beautifully lit, golden hour photo of you and your baby sweetly strolling along the beach. Hell, I frequently chase after those shots myself, but I like to balance out all that prettiness with some realness too.  

Aside from raising our babies in the best way we can, our next job as mothers is to keep it real with one another and build each other up so we can experience self-confidence that is so well-deserved and long overdue.  Motherhood is amazing…it truly is, but it also has some messiness.  By showing the full picture of what motherhood is – grittiness and all, we are keeping it real with ourselves and with the other moms out there who really could use the reassurance that being a mother doesn’t always look picture perfect.

In the early stages of new motherhood, we are especially susceptible to feeling less than confident in damn near every decision we make.  While this is perfectly normal, these feelings of insecurity should never be allowed to consume us. When in doubt of your own abilities as a mother, reach out to a fellow momma friend or even your own mother, and I promise you will find that she has experienced the very same thing – and somehow, made it out the other side.

Although, confidence frequently comes from within, it is also something that we can help to inspire in others through both sharing our adoration of motherhood and commiserating with one another during the more trying times.  It feels good to bond over the many commonalities of motherhood and to empower our own self-confidence in the process. Embrace the flaws…because they are real, and what make us human.

More importantly, when we take a step back and realize that these images we are scrolling through are just a sliver of a person’s life, not to be compared to our own, we can all feel confident in knowing that this idealistic “super mom” is about as real as the boogieman. After bringing life into this world, you can truly do anything, momma.  Remind yourself of that daily and give yourself grace because you are everything your little ones need, and you are downright amazing.



Meg is a Motherhood & Lifestyle blogger from nofomomma.com, where she writes about raising her toddler daughter, Violet, with her husband, Erik, in the bucolic farm and wine country of the North Fork of Long Island. Meg enjoys sharing her adventures in motherhood and writing about engaging lifestyle topics in parenting, wellness, DIY projects, beauty and family friendly recipes. In addition to blogging, Meg works as a family law attorney.


The Biggest Misconception About (un)Successful Women


The Biggest Misconception About (un)Successful Women


We are powerful.
We are CEOs and investors.

We are mothers, daughters and wives.
We are breadwinners.
And best friends.
We are bitches and bosses, and all in between.
We’ve seen the top. We are the top.
But… are we enough to the patriarchy or, maybe, just a little too much?
Are we even… here?

A Word


When Simone de Beauvoir uttered one among many of her famous lines, quoting “One is not born a woman, but becomes one”, she probably didn’t have the current gender dynamics envisioned. We’ll assume she’d be extremely proud of all that we’ve achieved but at the same time saddened by the prejudice we are still actively facing (maybe now even more so than ever). We are bleeding injustice with every inch of our beings but we’ve grown skillful in hiding the scars. After all, isn’t that what we’ve been doing for the most part, all this time? Hiding the fact we’re still flesh and blood so that the clever patriarchy doesn’t get the idea to eat us alive? Yes, yes we have. And yet, you are scared. You are scared – we’ll be the first ones to eat YOU alive. And, you are probably right – we’ve already taken the first bite.

Nah, just kiddin’.


Raw Emotion And Thought


“For mad I may be, but I will never be convenient.”

― Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

It’s a contradiction, really – this whole gender thing. What we are currently living isn’t feminism in its absolute… it’s an active oppression of female role in the male-run society.

The core of every healthy feminist approach isn’t to be better than the man, fear the man or prove the man wrong. It certainly isn’t to exhaust yourself to a point you’ll be your own demise just to prove yourself worthy to a society that doesn’t – and may never – see you as worthy. The core concept of feminism is equality. Equality in emotion, thought and opportunity. Equality in living and breathing, and fighting the same battles as men, the battles that bless you with a certain social standing, a chance at life you dream of and love you hope to find. It isn’t necessarily about women chopping woods or men wearing eyeliners, either. It’s about the possibility and the opportunity to choose. To choose life, in all its beauty. To live freely and speak – unprejudiced or judged. To be respected for your thoughts, not your genitals. To be a person, not a weak gender link. Understand this: we never aimed to beat you at anything. What’ve always wanted was to just play alongside with you.


A Woman Is A Woman Is A Woman


“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.”

– Clare Boothe Lucе


The trick with feminism these days is that the (subliminal) message has already been launched into the microcosm and there’s no turning back. The message reads: WE CAN DO IT ALL ALONE. The truth is, we can and we cannot. And, when we can – why would we? Why is it upon a woman to take on a role of both her gender and the (supposedly) “stronger” gender, and exhaust herself to illness in the process? If we’ve grown as powerful as we have, don’t we deserve the same treatment as the opposite sex? We should, but we don’t. We have taken upon us to be everything a “typical woman is” and upgraded it to everything a “typical man is”. Combine the two and you are getting a woman who is making you millions but still keeps the household together.

To a woman or man, facing such huge burden and responsibilities every single day isn’t a normal state of things – and it shouldn’t be. It is in human nature to get tired but then decompress in order to avoid mental and emotional exhaustion and cracking. Aren’t you tired? Because we are. Tired of chasing pavements and proving ourselves worthy. Tired of having to be (too) capable – and still be judged for it. We are tired of having to invest double the effort to get that “man’s job” when you know we’re a better fit for it. If we’re (too) strong, we’re cold. If we’re (too) weak, we’re despicable… or, well, women. But, don’t you think it’s time that changed? Isn’t it time this gender charade stopped and we all realized we are on the same side? Life is to be shared, so – let’s share it. I ask the recognized psychologists in Sydney for a professional opinion, and they’ll tell you the same thing we will: the strongest of people are those seeking for help. Here we are, reaching out – to you – in hope to stop framing us into a prejudice but love us for the strength we carry within.

The Weak Link


“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

– Katharine Hepburn


With the current state of things, everyone’s confused. Men have gotten absolutely mortified as to what their roles have now come to and women have been killing themselves trying to explain the overall foolhardiness of gender-role division in the first place.

Men are no longer sole providers or husbands whose income conditions their partner’s lives.  They are no longer needed to change the bulb, fix the boiler or bring food to the table. Women can do all that, alone. Or – when they can’t or won’t – they’ll pay for it to be done. In a technical sense of a word, it’s become evident that men have grown obsolete. This, along with plenty of other facts, brought about a very unsettling climate – not only in terms of gender roles but relationships altogether. We get it: you don’t know where you stand, so you attack. But, listen to this: while we no longer need you to change the bulb, we do need you to love us, give us families and share our happiness – just as much as you need us to do the same for you.

The Equal Infinity


Here’s an idea: instead of judging us, support us. Embrace our strength and turn it into your advantage. Don’t be scared we’ll love you less if we earn more, because we won’t. We’ll love and appreciate you for having chosen a strong woman over your (strong) ego. Work with us, not against us. We’re not your enemies; we’re your partners (in crime), your support when you fail, and your home to come to at the end of a (hard) day. We are the people that jump in to replace you when you need some time off. We, as strong as we are, are the reason you can sleep rested at night, knowing your home will never be without an income. Growing this strong we’ve made your lives easier, don’t you get it? You can finally just… be, be liberated of the expectations the society has burdened YOU with, too. So, let just be for a second, together and united. We are on the same side. We are one.


Isabel F. William Body&Mind Balance Consultant. Lover of literature and philosophy, runner, and Tai Chi master. She believes that sometimes it is just enough to enjoy a really good book, smooth jazz and a cup of coffee to travel somewhere else.  Web: www.ripped.me E-mail: isabel.f.william@gmail.com or  isabel.frank@ripped.me Twitter: https://twitter.com/Isabel_FWilliam Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isabel.william.98 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/isabelfwilliam/


Australian Fashion And Beauty As An Inspiration



Australian Fashion And Beauty As An Inspiration



You might have this notion that, since Australia is geographically a bit cut off from the northern hemisphere, girls from the Land Down Under are not in sync with what goes on in the fashion capitals up north. To a certain extent you would be right, especially since the geographical position of the country also means that when we’re struggling with winter layers, they’re enjoying summer and vice versa. However, this isolation actually works to Australia’s advantage in the fashion department. It allows them to grab onto certain trends but still maintain a unique and distinct sense of style, one you should definitely be watching. These women make their own rules, and today we’re going to show you why their styles should serve as beacons of inspiration to you.

The Best Lesson



When new knitwear and outerwear trends appear on the Northern Hemisphere, Aussie girls are naturally tempted to snag the pieces even though they won’t be needing them for months to come. And you know what – they buy the pieces and then rock them when the time is right. This is one of the biggest lessons to learn – don’t let the season tell you what to buy. If you see an item that makes you fall head over heels with it, buy it and wear it when the weather calls for it. Don’t delay your shopping satisfaction.

You Can Have It All



The general rule of thumb is – you can be either a minimalist or a bohemian style lover, but these two will never meet. Well, Aussies beg to differ. Even though they’re known for their love of a great, breezy playsuit, which by nature is more on the boho side, it’s all up to the color palette. Minimalism is, among other things, defined by the neutral color palette, and knowing this, an Aussie woman can rock a white playsuit and white slides, exude a totally minimal vibe and just add a touch of boho with a cool necklace or a colorful belt. Style rules are to be followed, but those who know how to break them have so much more fun.

Don’t Sweat It



A typical Australian woman will often be spotted rocking some very bold and gorgeous outfits, but unlike many other women, for her this comes as a result of actually not caring too much. She is not a woman who pre-plans her outfits; she simply opens her closet and puts together the first items that tickle her fancy. A lesson to learn: don’t think about it too much, and don’t obsess about rules, go with your instinct and be more playful. You’ll be surprised where your mind can take you when you put it on the spot.

The Arsenal



Whether she’s been blessed with a life near the beach or not, an Australian woman is never without a serious arsenal comprised of sexy bikinis, tankinis and retro one-piece swimsuits – you name the style, she’s got it. Of course, this makes more sense when you have the opportunity to rock all those different swimsuits on a regular basis, but this brings us to the beauty secrets. Whether in the ocean or a local pool, Australian girls make it their habit to swim regularly – it helps you keep your health and get a killer body in the most fun way possible, too. You know what to do, go scouting for the nearest water.

There Are Other Options



Women in the Northern Hemisphere are still in the midst of the skinny jeans frenzy, but Aussie girls know how to mix it up in the denim department. Instead of the constricting and often unflattering skinny cut, they go for bootleg and flared jeans, usually a size larger. By taking the ‘looser route’ they’re able to not only move more freely, but exude that nonchalantly chic vibe that you just can’t achieve with skinny jeans. In addition to that, flared jeans let them get away with rocking denim at the office as they can be dressed up or down – this is definitely something you want to take into account.





In the beauty department, there are two things you should definitely learn from Australian women: take the natural route and show brand loyalty. Australian women, who, granted are generally in tune with nature, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of great skincare which lies in natural and organic products. This is why they’ve been increasingly supportive of some of the most famous domestic skincare brands such as 100% Pure and Kora Organics. With natural skincare, what you see is what you get, and it’s better to wait a bit for the results to kick in than to resort to potentially dangerous quick fixes. Their skincare routine is minimal but effective – a natural cleanser, oil or serum and a moisturizer (always with high SPF).

They also stick with the brands they love – others may have forgotten about brand loyalty, but these women haven’t. Whether it’s clothing, makeup or skincare, they stick with not only predominantly domestic manufacturers and brands, but also show a great deal of loyalty and are unlikely to switch brands. This is definitely food for thought.




Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She has written for as long as she can remember.  She is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.




What Do Your Clothes Say About You?



What Do Your Clothes Say About You?


Nothing? Actually, they say a lot…

I got into the fashion industry due to a product idea. I simply wanted to create an apparel piece that kept my shirt from coming up while I was practicing yoga. I knew I wanted my company to do good beyond the products we offered and empower the community we built, but that seemed rather standard in my mind. Then I started to realize just how few clothing companies actually try to empower the women who wear their clothes. It was almost the opposite in a lot of cases.

Not all clothing is created equally. Nor will all clothing represent you in the way you desire to be represented. The way you spend your money and the items you put on your body are some of the most visible forms of showing your values. Since I started Noya, I’m happy to say new trends are arising across the fashion industry that make it possible for you to show your voice and values and feel empowered through the clothes you wear.

Empowering Trends to Look for in the Fashion Industry


Just like people, brands have the opportunity to channel their voice. From the design, to the production process, to the partnerships they forge, it all tells a story. Considering the following when making your next clothing purchase.


Demand Brands that are Body Positive


I’m thrilled that more and more positive messaging is popping up through apparel. Unfortunately, we still have models who are deemed “too fat” if they have a half pound more than the unreasonable industry standard. But not all brands are strictly promoting skinny as the exclusive way to be beautiful. Muscles are coming into style! So are reasonably sized hips and thighs! Although this messaging may seem more subtle than, say, a brand’s tagline or written messages on their marketing and clothing, it still speaks loudly to men and women alike.

If you walk into a shop and immediately feel like you need to lose 10 pounds, get the hell outta there! I say, the more you’re able to relate to the model showing off your potential new outfit, the better. At the company I started we don’t even have numbered sizing. Noya’s apparel is proudly made by women for women and we advocate for positive body image through a unique sizing system.

There are tons of ways brands are trying to speak up about the issue of body shaming. But it’s a tough trail to blaze. Show your support by supporting them.


Look for Ethical


Like a lot of factory work, when you start digging under the surface of where items are made, it can get ugly fast. Almost every article of clothing you wear is made by human beings—and working conditions vary significantly. There are issues with this across the board, but the most famous incident happened only a few years ago when a Bangladeshi factory collapsed and killed over 1,000 workers inside. The conditions of the building had been unsafe since its construction, but due to high-pressure deadlines and low-priced promises the owners of the factory pushed forward. There are thousands of other issues that happen on a daily basis that are never publicly acknowledged. From child labor, to abuse in the workplace (the majority of sewers are women), to working hours of 12-14 hours per day, 7 days a week, to wages not high enough to make a basic living. Human rights are massively overlooked because transparency is almost unheard of in the fashion industry. The issues likely aren’t going away until regulations are in place. These regulations will likely mean higher prices for consumers and transparency for retailers. Ask the brands that you shop, who made my clothes? If they aren’t willing to give you a full description, you may want to start shopping somewhere else.


Wear Clothes that Speak Your Truth


Aside from the logo on your clothes, you have other ways to represent your values through what you wear. Have you gone to any women’s marches? Even high-fashion designers are jumping on the opportunity for a less-subtle form of messaging. I love that graphic tanks and tees are trending again. Growing up I always thought it was weird to see large statements across someone’s shirt (or really cool depending on who and how someone was wearing a particular message – you know, some people can just pull that off!). In my wardrobe, printed writing on clothes was almost exclusively reserved for band shirts from concerts and athletic shirts from tournaments or events. Nowadays wearing a shirt that lets others know a little more about you is on the rise. Want to tell the world how much you love cats? There’s a shirt for that. How about a shirt that ironically calls out people who don’t believe in Global Warming? Yep, there’s one for that too. Whatever it may be, you have choices. Wear them proudly.


Choose Brands as Green as You Are


Trying to be more green? Eco-friendly isn’t always easy to find in the clothing available to purchase, but there are some easy ways to know that you are choosing the best option in front of you. No matter what your political views are on shopping USA made, if you live in the US, USA made is often a greener (and more ethical) choice. There are tons of resources used to ship items across the globe. For instance, a typical piece at Noya will be sampled at least three times before we move to the next step of production, the sizing stage. After sizing is sorted we move to a full production run. Each stage requires fabrics, patterns, and other materials shipped. There are a minimum of 16 shipments completed for each item before the product ever arrives on a consumer’s doorstep. Imagine the difference between shipping from across the globe to shipping within the United States (or even better, within a particular state or city). It adds up. Fast.

Other (usually) greener choices include garments made from materials like: bamboo, organic cotton, modal, tencel, wool, silk, linen, hemp and recycled materials.


Just Try One


I own a clothing company and I still feel how daunting it is to hold myself to always making the ethical, empowering, eco-friendly, value-based fashion choice. There’s a lot of research that would need to go into each purchase decision. The good news is, you’re already way ahead of the game by knowing that these choices exist! Just like any change that you want to stick, you have to introduce it into your daily life a little dose at a time. Maybe next time you shop you start becoming aware of tags. Then start to notice imagery and messaging. Before you know it, you’ll start to identify the brands that empower you. Those are the brands you want in your closet.



Christine Reppa is founder of Noya, activewear made for women by women. She is an environmentalist, women’s rights activist, yogi, and adventurer. You can read more of her musings at the blog on her website noyayoga.com.





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