How To Tackle Time Management And Procrastination






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How To Tackle Time Management And Procrastination


The famous quote by Michael Altshuler “The bad news is time flies; the good news is you’re the pilot”. What this phrase actually means is that even though time runs out pretty fast but managing the time efficiently is completely is in your hands. Being a pilot of your own time doesn’t really sound difficult but the harsh truth is that a lot of people take this as a huge challenge in their life.

Let’s talk about what time management actually means:


Time management simply means using the available time efficiently by allocating right amount of time to the right activity. Effective time management helps to assign sufficient time for important activities to complete or perform it. Deciding how much time should go to each activity is one of the crucial decisions that one must make for successful time management. There is no hard and fast rule for time management because every person has their own way of dealing with the time allocations. Lacking to follow the above statements leads to struggle in managing the time properly and effectively. Procrastination is the one of the direct result of poor time management.


Time management is definitely one of the major skills a managing student must have to take over various activities in his management career. When a student gets difficult papers to write under a schedule or a deadline, the student struggles with proper utilization of time available to him for completion. Some of the ways to mitigate such struggle can be proper planning, prioritizing of activities and delegating work to various assignments help services which can lead to a lot of effective time utilization. Proper time management is one of the key factors in achieving success in completion of Management Assignment under a deadline.


So, important question that arises here is that how to improve time management?? Let have a look to the points given below & get answer to above question
Setting time management objectives and goals: The main objective of time management is to change a person’s behavior towards utilization of time rather changing the time limits. One should start with this by reducing his time spend on unproductive activities. For example, one can decide to avoid any personal phone calls or text messages while doing important work.


Effective planning: Planning the day in advance will provide the planner with utmost results which are required for proper time management. You can make a “to do list” for the day’s activities which should be noted down according to their importance.

Setting deadlines: Set particular time limit for every task according to the requirements. You need to understand how much time will be required for a particular task to get completed. It is considered to be a success if the tasks are completed in the assigned time otherwise the purpose of achieving proper time management will not be achieved.

Delegation: “We accomplish all that we do through delegation either to time or to other people” Stephen R. covey. If you are working in a team, try delegating the work among the team members as it will save a lot of time. Main motive of time management is to save time as much as possible and use the time most efficiently. Management assignments which are done by students can be eased up with the help of internet as it provide information according to the requirement.

Prioritizing the tasks: You should keep the priority of tasks to be done in such a manner that most important tasks must come first than less priority tasks.
Time management is important when it comes to saving time because without managing the time, one cannot really handle every task which are suppose to be done. Poor time management will eventually lead to procrastination also.

So, what does procrastination mean?

In Simple terms, procrastination means delaying the work to be done due to various reasons needlessly. Reasons mainly are habitual carelessness or laziness. If a person is not able to manage the time which he has, it will lead to delay of work for future point of time. Many times procrastination is done by a person out of his/her habit. Based on a research by Joseph Ferrari, 20% of adults claim to be chronic procrastinators and rate is as high as 70% when it comes to college students. Procrastination occurs mainly due to poor self-care and poor self-management.

And to deal with this situation, here are some points which will help you to overcome this: Try to keep a positive attitude towards completing the work and feel the happiness of the completed work, it will definitely boost you up for work. Try doing the easy part of the work first which will set a momentum.  In the end, we can say that Time management and Procrastination are two faces of a coin. Both of them can be dealt with easily if we remember all the points mentioned in the article. If you also faced this type of situation in your life, then share the ways you followed to manage this in comments section.



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