January 19, 2018

How to be more Fashionable at Work






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How to be more Fashionable at Work


The Do’s and Don’ts:

In every corporate environment, you will face a strong independent woman who will make her well-educated, highly-qualified male counterpart drool in her presence. Not only because she possesses natural beauty, but the way she carries herself and dresses according to current fashion standards.

Whilst she might be binging on popcorn and dropping soda all over her t-shirt while at home, but at work, even you might admire her. Fear not! You can be just like her if not more fashionable. Being fashionable at work can seem a tad bit daunting in the beginning but once you get a good grip you can easily fit into it. Today, we will be sharing a few tips that will help you up your corporate fashion game.

Confidence is the key:

Being fashionable at work not only means wearing good clothes and looking your best, but it also means the way you carry yourself and the level of confidence you adopt. Regardless of what you are wearing you can make it twice as fashionable just by being confident. There is no point shrugging your shoulders downwards and feeling shy, especially in your workplace. Not only will lower confidence degrade your self-esteem but it will also impact others around you. So, be confident and create an aura, that cannot be missed, whenever you walk by!

Its Not too late to switch up your style a bit:

Do you remember the last time you experimented with your style of dressing, especially after joining the corporate world? If the answer is no, then it is high time you do so. Look around you and look at the person you admire for their fashion sense. And you’ll notice the subtle changes they bring about when it comes to dressing up. They are on par with both current fashion trends and the season. So do change your dressing sense and experiment with your wardrobe!

  • Wear a hat! Not everyone can rock a hat. Try on different types of hat and pick the one which suits you the most.
  • Perfume! Don’t pick those fruity smelling sweet perfume. Go with something a tad bit strong as you are definitely likely to be remembered even when you are not around due to your cologne. This will leave a strong impact especially on your colleagues, bosses and your clients!
  • Eyewear. You don’t have to wear sunglass even if it is dark outside. Pick up a regular spectacle even if your eyes are perfectly fine. This will make you appear more attractive and fashionable.
  • Wear a jacket. You can pick up a jacket which fits your corporate standard and goes with it. You don’t even need to completely wear it. You can wear it like a cape and hang it on your shoulders. Trust me this will instantly improve your look make you more fashionable.

The minimal look:

As suggested previously you don’t have to completely change yourself in order to be more fashionable at work. You don’t need to put a tonne of beauty products on your face in order to look more beautiful. These things might do more damage than you think, from skin damage to loss of time!

Make subtle changes to your dress, but make sure you keep on bringing these changes often. Also, there is no need to wear a lot of beauty products. You can try to go to the office without any makeup at all. Trust me this will give you a morale boost and a lot of the people around you will be mesmerized!

Your Shoes!

When it comes to corporate fashion a lot of us tend to neglect our shoes. We tend to think formal shoes will be the best fit for our working environment. But this is where a lot of us wrong! One tip when it comes to choosing shoe is, always choose the opposite one. Yeah, this tip might sound a bit weird but trust me. When you are about to pick a high heel for a dress, choose a flat instead! This weird tip will help yourself pop out and be different from the crowd!



Melissa Tylor is the owner and regular contributor at SuperSkinCentral.com. When it comes to skincare and fashion, she always tries to share tips and tricks which have personally helped her  She intends on helping everyone with her small tips and trick which might elevate their lives!



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How to be more Fashionable at Work

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