January 25, 2018

Successful Millennial Women: What Do They Have in Common?






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Successful Millennial Women: What Do They Have in Common?


Currently, millennials make up the majority of the workforce in the USA, and 28% of them are managers. Two-thirds of millennials see themselves on management positions within the next decade. It’s a powerful generation.           

Although the gender wage gap is still present, millennial women are surely working their way up to equality. They are outpacing men in higher education, and that’s surely going to take them to better wages.

What makes successful millennial women so special?

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These are the most notable character traits of a successful millennial woman:


Influential Attitude

Maybe this woman won’t be wearing an expensive suit. However, you’ll have the impression that she owns the world. She stands tall, with her head high and the shoulders back. She rules body language skills and she’s not afraid to make eye contact with the most powerful people in the room. She’ll even do it with a smile.

A successful millennial woman makes lasting impressions with her attitude.


Teamwork Skills

This generation is not about hierarchies. It’s focused on working together towards achieving a goal that’s greater than personal career progress.

Roberta Travis, co-founder of Career Booster, explains: “Millennial women grew up in teams. We joined sports clubs, we played games, we went to camps, we joined sororities… all these things taught us how to be friends and supportive team members. Social media is part of this process, too. We know how to connect and we know how to remain effective even with remote teams.”


Aversion to Unnecessary Risks

Businessmen like to brag about being fearless. To prove how brave they are, they will take unnecessary risks that take them in foolish situations. A successful millennial woman doesn’t act that way. She will take risks only after she calculates the outcome well enough. She’ll take the risk only if she sees a way to rebound in the worst-case scenario.

It’s a highly positive trait that makes her a strong leader. People feel safe under her management.


A successful woman is never only about work or only about family. She manages to find balance between her goals related to career/wealth, family and friends, and personal growth. She will be successful at work, but she’ll never neglect her family for the sake of achieving career progress. No matter how hard she works, she’ll never ignore the needs of her body and spirit.

If you were wondering where that inner glow of successful women comes from, it’s from her well-balanced life.


Positive Mindset

A successful woman of this generation is not a hopeless optimist. She’s more of a realist, but she sticks to her positive mindset, as the fuel needed to get to the point of goal realization.

She will not undermine her own success with negative self-talk. She believes in herself enough to carry on through all challenges with amazing inner strength.  



It’s a requirement for success. When a woman figures out what she wants to do with her life, she invests her entire energy into that goal. She may decide to help people, bring an organization to success, make an impact on women’s right, or whatever other cause she believes in.

She remains passionate for her choices and keeps going forward no matter what.

Personal Integrity

A successful millennial woman does not act according to the principles of consequentialism. She does not believe that the goal to be victorious justifies leaving victims on the way up. Personal integrity is the very core of her character. That’s why people trust and respect her.  

Tech Skills

A successful woman will be connected with her team and her target audience through various channels. She knows how to get the most out of social media and build her personal brand through it. She keeps exploring new tech tools and uses the most effective ones to simplify her life.


The most powerful woman is the one who never gives up. She’s not stubborn in the negative sense of the word. She is persistent. Even when her ideas are being ignored and doubted by others, she keeps following her passion.


The Millennial woman. She is a youthful trendsetter, who’s able to set goals and stay focused on them. She can overcome all challenges with a positive attitude. She is knowledgeable. Reliable. Competent. But most of all, she is fierce!



Eva Wislow is an entrepreneur and career coach from Pittsburgh, PA. Eva maintains a strong interest in bringing the digital revolution in human resources. Eva has a degree in Psychology and she is focusing on helping people discover their true calling. She writes for Business.com and other well-known resources. Follow Eva on Twitter.


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Successful Millennial Women: What Do They Have in Common?

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