January 30, 2018

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Brand






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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Brand


Women owned businesses are growing one and a half times more in the past 15 years than another small business. It’s no wonder as women start to break free of old conventional models. We have stepped into our strength and focus, yet maintained our feminine qualities.  We were made to grow and carry the weight of another being, so we are certainly up to the task of growing and carrying the weight of a small business.


But, with so many of us heading into the business world, it’s easy to fall into the crowd of other small businesses by following what others are doing.  As a fierce entrepreneur, you want to step away from the crowd and stand in your own fertile ground while you grow your business. You want to create your own special brand.  Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Create Your Own Space Online


The first step, if you haven’t already done it, is to get your own website.  You will need to purchase a domain name and hosting package. Hosting packages range from free, like WordPress, to paid, like Squarespace.  It all depends on your level of commitment and technical capability. The key is to do your research and get what’s best for you.


Your domain name should reflect your personality and your business’ passion. There are some fierce solopreneurs who just use their own name. The only other advice is to try to keep it relatively short and easy to remember. Using the domain name ilovetohaveeveryonebuymystuff.com isn’t one that would fit easily on a business card nor would it be easy to remember if your business is called FierceForce.

Know What Your Favorite Colors Are


There is a whole section of marketing and branding that shows how colors affect your customers idea of who you are. When you think of Target, the color red immediately comes to mind. The red color stimulates your physical body by raising your blood pressure and heart rate. It’s associated with movement, excitement and passion.


Take a half day to really see what your business is about and choose colors that will guide your customers to feel the same way.


Create Your Platform


This is something many fierce entrepreneurs do naturally because we already know what we want to give to the world, but there are a few things many of us forget to focus on. Is your platform consistent across all your social media accounts?


It takes time to build a consistent platform, but it’s well worth the effort. Ask yourself, “When my customer sees my Facebook page, do they see my business or my personal page?” If the answer is your personal page, then you should consider creating a business page. You want to have your website and social media accounts have the same base graphics, including your logo, colors, and images that help your customer know it’s you.

Consistently Connect with Your Customers


As a valuable asset to your customers, you want them to know you care about them and you want them to care about you. Sharing information, tidbits, empowering posts, and answering any questions your potential customer has on your social media shows those who would use your services or buy your products that you are there even when they don’t need you. You can use auto posting software like Hootsuite to schedule posts to automate some of your work, but don’t forget to check in regularly to see how those posts are doing and interact with others who show an interest in you.


You as a fierce feminine entrepreneur are specifically made to create, grow, and maintain a small business. Your strength, focus, and incredible tenacity will help you make your brand something everyone will remember. With these few tips to create your brand, you can solidify the memory of who you are and what you can do to help people.


Sarah Saker is a business coach and freelance writer that specializes in helping SMBs setup processes for customer support and predictable growth. When not writing or coaching, Sarah can be found on her (small but growing!) family farm. Connect with Sarah on about.me/ssaker for coaching or writing help.


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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Brand

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