August 14, 2018

Create an Office Space That Reflects Your Business Philosophy






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Yes, your workspace should be functional and practical for you and your employees, but its role to reflect your brand is equally important. Your employees, as well as visitors and clients, see the workplace as an extension of your business philosophy, so you should step it up when it comes to the design elements. This is an important part of building your brand identity and making everybody feel comfortable and aware of your core values.

Here’s how you can achieve that!


Pay attention to the overall layout

It’s important to note here that one approach doesn’t fit all, meaning that your company’s unique traits and purpose will to some extent affect the way you manage the office layout. In other words, if your company values privacy and confidentiality, of course closed doors will make sense but, on the other hand, a cutting-edge tech firm will need open space for all the tech savvies skateboarding around. Maybe your company stands for democratic values, in which case accessibility will be important to incorporate. If your brand wants to stand for creativity and playfulness, a quirky, whimsical shared space with community building game rooms will make perfect sense. 



The power of color

Psychological properties of colors are widely known and are frequently used in workplaces. When deciding where to start regarding the choice of colors, take a look at your company’s logo – its colors could serve as the base, just don’t be afraid to widen your palette.


Even though bright colors are known to attract attention, attracting clients shouldn’t be your first priority here, as bright colors can be overwhelming for people who actually spend 8 hours in this workplace. Instead, opt for a mix of neutrals and muted hues that compliment the colors of your brand.


Another option is to consider what kind of emotional environment you want to create and then focus on colors known to contribute to creating that kind of atmosphere. For example, yellow, orange and red are the ones to go for if you want an energetic and creative working atmosphere. Deep purple is for a royal and luxurious environment, while soothing colors like light blue and green create a relaxed and calming ambiance.


Find the right furniture and decoration

If you are trying to convey a modern and forward-looking approach as your company’s philosophy, modern design elements should prevail in your workspace, dressed in your company’s colors but also with soft textures, making anybody who’s using it feel comfortable. In case you would like a more natural and relaxing approach to work, incorporating greenery throughout the offices will instantly refresh the whole space and add a cozier touch.


It’s also a good idea to strategically place your credentials around the space, as well as your company’s achievements and milestones. These details build trust and credibility with your clients and demonstrate your expertise while simultaneously inspiring fellow employees. Moreover, your logo should again be a way to advocate your brand and your business philosophy. Even before entering the workplace, you can make a strong impact on anyone if you consider outdoor led lighting to accentuate a big 3D wall logo at the entrance, and then again in the central part of your workplace. In general, there are many ways of branding the workplace by using decorative items like a mural, graffiti or sculptures in the offices.


Enhance creativity with a relaxation area


Every company’s philosophy is partly about creativity and innovation, but they won’t exist in a workplace where employees don’t have the chance to relax and find inspiration. One way you can ensure this, is to provide an outdoor space where they can spend their lunch break or take some time to step away from the cubicle. Spending too much time indoors won’t do much for their creativity, so try hard to create a nice outdoor space, ideally with a small garden or at least a lot of plants hanging from the walls, accompanied by big, comfy furniture.


In case you don’t have an outdoor space, provide large windows to let as much natural light as possible and use materials and garden items that will make your employees feel closer to nature.


Another easy way to boost creativity is by facilitating brainstorming in the office – install magnetic whiteboards and glass partitions in conference rooms and meeting areas with good acoustics – that way, creative juices are free to flow anywhere in the workplace.


All in all

Your office needs to be the embodiment of your business philosophy, meaning that every element in it can play its part in creating the picture you want everybody to see. Take your time and don’t be afraid to get creative and bold – give your unique mark to the workplace.



Stella is an art historian,entrepreneur, conscious consumer and a proud mother. She can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement/DIY projects.When she is not trying to improve the things around her (and herself, for that matter), she likes to lose herself in a good book.


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Create an Office Space That Reflects Your Business Philosophy

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