July 31, 2018

Easy Ways to Get Fit When Your Schedule Is Crazy






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You’re a busy woman. Between work, family, and other obligations, finding time to do more than the essentials can be impossible. Slowly but surely, things get cut from your schedule, and oftentimes, taking care of your health is one of the first to go.


However, staying healthy is even more important when your schedule is beyond crazy, and no matter how hectic your day is, you can find some time to be active. Need some help finding time on those busy days? Check out these tips.


Move More


When you just can’t find time to get in a full workout, do your best to move more throughout the day. Use the stairs whenever possible, park on the far end of the parking lot, bike to work, walk around when talking on the phone, do lunges down the hallway — it can be anything, as long as it gets you moving more than usual. Find something you can do at work, at home, or even waiting in line at the store. While not the same as a trip to the gym, spending more time moving will at least keep you up and on your feet throughout the day.


Incorporate Technology


Involve technology into your daily routine. From Fitbits to fitness apps on your phone, there are a plethora of options available to fit your needs. Fitness technology can help you keep track of your body and everything it does: how much water you drink, how many steps you take, and even what your vital signs are like. Not only is fitness technology extremely popular, 96 percent of health app users believe these apps work to improve their quality of life. Even if it doesn’t work to help you be more active, you can at least begin to play an active role in monitoring your health.


Schedule It


Schedule time to workout in your calendar and stick to it. Be as consistent as possible and keep your workout appointment the way you would keep plans with a friend. When you toy with the idea of going to the gym after work instead of committing to it wholeheartedly, you’re a lot more likely to skip it altogether. Treat your workout time as a necessary part of your schedule and you’ll be less likely to flake on it. Of course, sometimes things do come up that get in the way of keeping that commitment and that’s perfectly fine; just make sure you’re not looking for an excuse to get out of your fitness plans.


Take It on the Road


Traveling, whether for business or fun, is a great opportunity to get out of a fitness rut. George Washington University notes that “being on the road often leads to drastic changes in exercise and eating. Although your change in venue can be disrupting to your routine, it’s beneficial to maintain your exercise and dietary habits as much as possible.” However, it is precisely because of that disruption that traveling is the perfect time to squeeze in a few workouts. While you may not be dying to fill your vacation with trips to the gym, take advantage of your new surroundings to get active.


Hit the Hay


When you’re busy, it’s all too tempting to go to bed later than usual to add a few more hours to your day. But think twice before rearranging your sleep schedule; sleep is part of living a healthy, balanced life and if your schedule is beyond busy, getting enough sleep is more vital than ever before.

On particularly hectic days, sleep may be the only downtime you get. Be sure to prioritize high quality rest, especially if you sleep with a partner. Between your partner’s sleep habits and other disruptions, it can be tricky to ensure a full, good night’s sleep. To protect your health and stay energized throughout your days, don’t make any compromises on your sleep.


Focus on Overall Health


Even though it’s a large component of a healthy lifestyle, there’s a lot more that goes into staying healthy than working out. Take a more comprehensive view of your health and focus on the other ways you can take care of yourself. Be sure to properly hydrate, get enough sleep, and maintain your mental health. Whether or not you have time to be active during your crazy schedule, you do have time to work on improving your health. If you’re so busy that you truly can’t find time to exercise, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you are taking care of your health in other ways.


There is no singular solution to getting fit even when your schedule is jammed. You simply have to try different things and figure out what works best for you. After all, if you aren’t much of a planner, it probably won’t help to schedule workouts in advance. But with a little trial and error and a lot of patience, you’ll be able to fit fitness back into your life.


Alex Quayle currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her partner, cat, and dwarf hamster. She can never say no to coffee, doughnuts, and good conversation. Follow her on Twitter @alexquayle33 for more articles and pictures of her cute, little family.



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Easy Ways to Get Fit When Your Schedule Is Crazy

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