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My Style, My world: When Someone Loves To Go Out Of The Box Every Time

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My Style, My world: When Someone Loves To Go Out Of The Box Every Time


When it comes to styling, ordinary is not everyone’s cup of tea. Life is so much more fun rolling in like “Lady Gaga” on the red carpet than just walking wearing the same T-shirt every day. Some of us love to go all out and strut our stuff like the showstopper stars we are born to be. If you are one of these fashion gurus, you want to make sure that those creative juices keep flowing. After all, the fate of the fashion world could crumble if not for the trendsetter in you!

The trends of 2018, are only beginning to unfold piece by piece but if you want to do your bit in setting the direction, the time is now! If you have exhausted all your creative fairy dust before New Year’s Eve, it is time to go out of the box and feel inspired again!

Here are some ideas that you could live by this year and build upon.

OOTD: Keep it classy, keep it fabulous


Like Coco Chanel says it: ‘a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.’ Let’s admit it: cleavage-prominent dresses with questionably-high hemline maybe sexy. But except for clubs and Halloween, they may not be the most appropriate OOTD choice.

Remember that classy is all about elegance, sophistication, grace, and finesse. Pay attention to the details and try to keep everything clean, simple and of course, neat. For instance, go for buttoned-up dress shirts and black blazers that accentuate your curves with a beautiful pen skirt or dress pant for your everyday office look. Also, make sure that the outfit is flattering on you and patterns are balanced.

Summer Excursions: Cute is Sexy


There is nothing more attractive than a girl out and about in a cute summer dress or jumpsuit with a glowing, dimpled smile. 2017 has gifted us girls with a great spectrum of beautiful, flowy, cute skirts while simultaneously giving us a range of jumpsuit styles to pick from.

If you plan on going on a lovely summer vacation or are just going out shopping with your girls, cute outfits are essentials in your wardrobe. Add more bright or pastel colors to your wardrobe for the summers. You can pair a skirt (short or long) with a crop, tube or tank top. Or you can wing it with a cute pair of denim shorts and an off-the-shoulder top. Be sure to keep a shrug for chilly occasions. Oh and let’s not forget to wear that beautiful, dimpled smile of yours!

Become a Wonder of the world in winters


Every year begins with a wonderfully snowy and chilly winter, and a girl has got to be armed up beforehand for it. Just because you are fighting the winter blues, doesn’t mean your femme fatale needs to go into hibernation. In fact, it is time to get out the big guns.

You should know the ‘layering basics,’ i.e., how to pair up your long boots with your warm, snuggly leggings or jeans. You do not need to compromise on your sexy to get through winter. All you have got to do is accessorize it with a range of fuzzy warm coats, blazers, and shrugs that still send off a great personal statement.

Focus on Proportion


Contrary to what culture tries to make us believe, people are not attracted to a particular complexion, eye color or features. The most beautiful people all have one thing in common: proportion. Our eyes love symmetry. Hence, the more symmetrical your style, the more appealing it will be.

Confidence is Key


Even the 10/10 models and trendsetters have their bad days. We have seen more than enough models and celebrities on the runway or red carpet end up in awkward moments. Tearing clothes, tripping heels. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Jennifer Lawrence. You name it we have got it.

Perhaps the biggest nightmare for any fashionista is a faux pas they can never recover from. And that all depends on how a fashionista reacts to it. While there have been endless fashion disasters and nightmares, there have also been enough stories of legends coming out of it.

Sometimes, a crisis is precisely what one needs to come out as a stronger person. It all depends on how gracefully you handle it. If you find yourself strutting your symmetrical, out-of-the-box, trendsetting assets and end up in a socially awkward fashion faux pas, rise above the situation and brush it off with a giggle and bright dimpled smile. Legends in the fashion industry are known for being secure enough to be able to laugh at themselves when needed and then go back to being fabulous.

Confidence also means exuding a great aura around you that makes people want to be around you. Bear in mind that there is a stark difference between classy confidence (that comprises of manners and chivalry) and downright narcissistic, obnoxious and profane over-confidence which can be seen in both the way you style and carry yourself. The best tip to become an out-of-the-box legendary trendsetter is to focus on winning people’s respect and not just attention.



 Christine Rudolph is a passionate lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She loves to read and research from various blogs to stay updated with the latest fashion and lifestyle-related news and updates. She is a featured contributor at various authoritative blogs like MotherhoodDiaries, TheWomanLife, TunedInParents, and BookYogaRetreats. Follow @RudolphBlogger for more updates.


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