May 17, 2015

Your Style and the Story You Tell






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Your Style & The Story You Tell


My grandmother Pearl never left the house without wearing something red.  She loved all the reds – berry, brick or blush – she said they make her feel happy or fierce no matter where or what she was up to.  She had a sense of style I adored and was my role model when I was growing up.  She taught me to try out new clothes and wear them to inspire myself no matter how I felt or where I went.


So what if you decided to wear clothes and colors that tell a story about you, no matter where you went today or what you were up to?


Let’s say the grocery store is the destination of choice.  What could you put on that informed fellow shoppers that you’re an artist dashing out for milk before returning to your studio?  Or, what if you are planning to become an artist or a photographer and you want to remind yourself of that intention or desire?  All artists, both aspiring and already successful can wear a pretty floral blouse in violet or a fitted striped top in lilac to make your creative ability a visible part of your message or story.


How about a Friday afternoon when you’re a bit tired and can’t wait for the week to end?


Try adding orange as an energizer that tells your colleagues or your fellow commuters you can’t wait for the weekend.  Carrot orange is a little wild and unknown and it might inspire you to make unusual plans for the weekend.  Coral orange is more feminine or ladylike and might be a good choice for an evening out with friends, especially in chandelier earrings or a pendant on a necklace. A marigold scarf with a bit of orange in it is super friendly and might be great to wear while planning brunch for the group.  Adding orange and deep yellow to your look not only tells a story to others that you like excitement and gathering with friends, it also relays cues back to your own mind or spirit to have a good time.


Or take blue with you on your interview.


Everyone wears blue because it’s appropriate but when you are consciously aware that admiral blue says you’re dependable, trustworthy and well-prepared, you actually convince yourself and others.  Wear blue to remind yourself when you check your outfit that you are totally prepared for that oh-so important meeting. Let the deep saturation of that color and the strong emotional energy of blue strengthen your success story as it foretells an ending in which you are well-employed and utilizing your talents and skills.



Kerry Cordero, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Kerry Cordero is an Image and Style Consultant who speaks on all manner of style and clothing empowerment topics and she is the Owner of The First Look Image.  Kerry has extensive training in image consulting from The Fashion Institute of Technology and the AICI, training in color analysis, makeup application and transformational style.

Kerry assists individual clients by creating beautiful and fulfilling ensembles and assisting them in dressing to express their personal brand.  Kerry also writes substantive and humorous blogs and articles on clothing and style and works backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Corporations and associations hire Kerry to speak because she focuses on the power of clothing to add authority, appropriateness and authenticity to the world of workwear.  Kerry’s personal belief is that style uplifts you, clothes fortify you and that ensembles have the power to make you feel unstoppable.

Meet Kerry here…

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Your Style and the Story You Tell

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