May 7, 2015

Your Essential Style – What It Feels Like and How To Wear It






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Essentials fashion woman objects on wooden background

Essentials fashion woman objects on wooden background


I love clothes, obviously, right?  But what is it about them that makes my heart sing and makes me feel superb?  Well, it’s the way they come in so many colors and textures and I love when they feel just right.  I love patterns, even though I can feel overwhelmed by them, and especially love combining them by pairing colors and shapes in unique but elegant ways. I love when you notice what I did with an outfit especially.  To me, clothes are a smart way to attract attention and create art.

What about you?  If you’re reading this far, you too must have an affinity for clothes.  Something about them makes you feel beautiful and well-prepared for an adventure or a romance or they give you confidence to achieve a goal or they make you feel cool and groovy hanging out with a friend over coffee.  Luckily, since I’m a Stylist I know the questions to ask, so you too will know more about why you relish a superb look.


Answer the questions below for more about you.  Choose as many answers as you like…


Do you value:

A. Independence and freedom

B. Action and growth

C. Personal connection

D. Tradition and harmony

E. Excellence and organization


Clothes are fulfilling when they:

A. Encourage personal expression

B. Allow physical movement

C. Attract attention

D. Are timeless or comfortable

E. Are high quality


Many of your items are:

A. Dark, asymmetrical, flowing

B. Blue or green tones, patterned in stripe or floral, have a sporty or yoga style

C. Red, purple or black, animal prints, dramatic styling

D. Yellow or gold, beige or brown, jackets, suiting fabric or tweeds and plaids, cozy sweaters

E. White, light colored or metallic, high quality fabrics and constructions, minimal details


Item of clothing you love to wear:

A. Sweater or cover-up that’s long or drapes

B. Loafers or flat shoe that is very comfortable

C. Fitted top in animal prin

D. Blazer or cardigan that looks smart or completes your outfit

E. Organized or well-designed handbag


Count up the number of times you picked each letter.

The one you circled the most will give you a view into your essential or genuine self or it will tell you more of what makes your heart sing when you wear a superb outfit.


A. You are Creative or Unique

B. You are Dynamic or Competitive

C. You are Radiant or Bold

D. You are Grounded or Committed

E. You are Elegant, Organized or Understated


So what is your essential style?  Looking for more?

Check out the book Fashion Feng Shui by Evana Maggiore.  Her system of teaching clients about their style using essence, intention and attraction is empowering and elegant all at once.


Kerry Cordero, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Kerry Cordero is an Image and Style Consultant who speaks on all manner of style and clothing empowerment topics and she is the Owner of The First Look Image.  Kerry has extensive training in image consulting from The Fashion Institute of Technology and the AICI, training in color analysis, makeup application and transformational style.

Kerry assists individual clients by creating beautiful and fulfilling ensembles and assisting them in dressing to express their personal brand.  Kerry also writes substantive and humorous blogs and articles on clothing and style and works backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Corporations and associations hire Kerry to speak because she focuses on the power of clothing to add authority, appropriateness and authenticity to the world of workwear.  Kerry’s personal belief is that style uplifts you, clothes fortify you and that ensembles have the power to make you feel unstoppable.

Meet Kerry here…

Image via Flickr

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Your Essential Style – What It Feels Like and How To Wear It

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