April 19, 2016

Is Your Personal Brand Unapologetically Dope?






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Is Your Personal Brand Unapologetically Dope?

Be honest. On a scale from 1 to 10, how DOPE is your Personal Brand? How authentic is it? How distinctive, demanding and attractive is it?

When you get up in the morning, are you annihilating the game, or barely playing in it?

Remember, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so your honesty is critical. If there are gaps between how you see yourself and how others see you (and statistically speaking, there probably are) then 2016, is your year to change things around.

In other words, if you are showing up anywhere less than an 8.5, it’s safe to say you’ve got some work to do. This is the year for next level performance. While you may not be commanding the stage at Super Bowl, you are in fact in the performance of your lifetime.  I’m here to tell you that it is high-time you started acting like it.

Let’s start examining your performance.

Do you go “all in” on everything you do? Or, do you have a half-ass mentality and work ethic for your projects and assignments?

Are your presentations mind-blowing?

Are your ideas well-informed and elevated?

Do you prepare for the opportunities that are presented to you or typically “wing it?”

Are your clients blown away by your service?

Are you constantly improving upon your performance or operating in default mode?

Is your phone ringing off the hook with people who want to hire, work with or do business with you?

 Is your self-image so fierce that people wonder where you came from?

Let me let you in on a little secret. There are people who NEVER carry business cards. They don’t need to. Moments after meeting, engaging, hearing or interacting with them people are pulling out their phones to Google them. If you are exceptional, people will find you. No exceptions. Remember that.

But, if you are not slaying the game right now, you need to get clear on what are you waiting for:

One more degree

More money

More time

 A promotion


Someone to help you

The kids to graduate

 A job

 An opening in your schedule

 More energy

 A Divorce


 Your astrological season

A roadmap

If Sunday night was not a wake up call for you to step up your game, consider this message your wake up call.


You. Are. Dope. As. Hell.

But why does the world not know it? Why don’t YOU know it? I’m talking about the “knowing” that resonates with others because it is firmly entrenched in every fiber of your being that you can’t help but live it.

The truth is the only competition you have is yourself. You have one job and that is to be better than you were yesterday, last month and last year. Release that stuff holding you back from being your fiercest self. Don’t know where to start? How about here:


The Unapologetically Dope Video and Journal

1… The Dopest Journal Ever: Your Ideal Self: This week, I want you to buy the fiercest journal you can find. This is where you are going to record every idea you have about your ideal self. If you woke up one morning and traveled to your ideal destination in life: Where would you live, where would you work, how would you fill your spare time, who would be in your inner circle? What are your favorite brands? How do you give back? What designers do you wear? Where do you vacation? What types of projects inspire you? You get the picture…your journal will accompany you everywhere.  This is the beginning of your next level manifestation.

2… The Dopest Video Ever: Something amazing happens when you watch an image over and over again. You start to believe it. Imagine putting a personalized movie together of your Fiercest Life. Imagine what would happen if you watched it every morning and night.  Imagine if you internalized the fact that you are not only capable, but also deserving of everything your heart desires. Now, imagine if you put music so inspiring that you felt those images come to life. That Is Your Assignment. It’s time to tell the story of your Unapologetically Dope life. For the record, the music that inspires my movie is Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind.  Resource: If you are looking for an amazing place to create your dream video, try http://slide.ly

In order for the world to see your brand as Unapologetically Dope, YOU must first see yourself as Unapologetically Dope.  Once you do…your actions will rise to meet that. Here’s to your ascension!


jennifer-ransaw-smith-200x200Jennifer Ransaw Smith is the CEO at Brand id Strategic Partners. They are a full-service Personal Branding and Elevation agency that specializes in helping our clients elevate their visibility, credibility, influence and impact.

They have a division called The Personal Elevation Lab™ that is specifically for the visibility of women: http://www.personalelevation.com/

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  1. Danielle says:

    I like the point you make about “what are you waiting for?” Sometimes, people wait to define themselves until after they’ve met certain achievements. I appreciate that you pointed that out.
    I had a friend that recently reminded me that working toward an aspiration, even if you haven’t achieved it, makes you stand out. So many people don’t even try, or don’t say that they’re trying for something.

  2. Liz Tailor says:

    I am currently having a lackluster moment in life. And need to re-energize my doneness. Thanks for this post!!!

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Is Your Personal Brand Unapologetically Dope?
Is Your Personal Brand Unapologetically Dope?

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