Supporting Small Businesses: Help Us Help You!

March 19, 2020

Supporting Small Businesses: Help Us Help You!






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Supporting Small Businesses: Help Us Help You!


A message from She Is Fierce! Founder & CEO Kelly…


Hi friends,


In this crazy time for all of us, we have been seeing so many small businesses impacted by the need to close their doors temporarily.

Business owners and employees are all wondering what’s next and how to handle the next few weeks/months while adapting to this new normal (yes, I hate that phrase already too!)

Here’s what I believe…

We can choose to focus on uncertainty or we can CREATE a new reality for ourselves.

For my part, I think starting a business with a baby and a two-year-old and growing it throughout toddler-hood and early school years has been the perfect training ground for these uncertain times.

I am already used to rushing from drop off to meeting to meeting to pick up to piano to soccer… and always feeling like something isn’t getting covered well enough!

But being in constant movement has taught me to be adaptable and forgiving of my own flaws, even as a recovering perfectionist.

If you’re anything like me or a business owner of any stripe… you will probably already know what I’m talking about!



Here is the good news…


Scarcity, change and uncertainty can truly be opportunities.

Some of the best success stories I know are of people who were laid off and started their own business or were forced to shift focus and were able to grow their business by focusing on something new.

Since pretty much everyone in our community is impacted by this experience in some way, I’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes for the last few days to pull together resources and create content that will be helpful during this time.


Below are some opportunities for us to serve you right now…


They’re all free and all open to women, men, kids, anyone who we can help!


1 – Send us pictures and info on you and your business so we can promote YOU – along with direct links to services or products you’re offering online right now or items people can pre-pay for to help you now and benefit later!


Email us today at


2 – Do you have an area of expertise that you can share with our community online right now?  We are scheduling in live coaching sessions and online video programming for the next few weeks right now.  Let us know what you can teach or share and when you’re available.


Email us today at


3 – Follow us on social media for online event updates – I’ll be jumping in to do FREE business and branding coaching sessions live for our community.

If you’re trying to figure out how to take your business online quickly OR trying to position yourself for business or career growth by working on your career development during this time at home… sign up for a FREE session.  I rarely offer these, but I love doing them!

Normally, these could cost thousands… for the next month I’ll be doing them for free to anyone who fits our criteria, sends us the material needed to do a business audit and is willing to share their session with our audience.

Want a free session? Email us with info on your business, what you specifically need help with (the more clarity in your request the better) and links to your current brand and/or business materials.


Email us today at


Do you have other ideas on how our community can come together to serve our small businesses?  Let us know!!



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Supporting Small Businesses: Help Us Help You!
Supporting Small Businesses: Help Us Help You!

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