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Statement necklaces.

They are big and bold. They steal the show on the red carpet (hello, Scarlett Johansson’s emerald Swarovski crystal embroidered collar). And they are touted by fashion bloggers around the world as one of the best ways to showcase style and personality.

But they are just not me.

So what’s a working woman to do when she wants to express her personality, uniqueness, passion and courage, but prefers to wear simple jewelry and muted colors?

I choose shoes.

My love for shoes began early in my working career. I was insecure about my professional credentials and struggled to find my niche in a world of confident, accomplished, beautiful women. I worked with women who had gorgeous hair, gorgeous bags, gorgeous clothes, and gorgeous jewelry. To say I felt inept is an understatement.

Then I found an amazing pair of black and white polka-dotted heels.

They were affordable. They were distinct. They were so ME.

My love for shoes blossomed, and I continued to push the edge wear as to what kind of footwear I wore to work while pursuing a growing communications career.

For me, the more distinct the shoe, the greater my confidence – at work and in my personal life.

High heels quickly became my statement pieces.

Your statement piece doesn’t have to be necklaces. And it doesn’t have to be high heels. Find something that makes you feel unique and courageous. Make that your statement piece. It could be the color red. It could be flower print. It could be collared shirts. It could be unique belts. It could be sunglasses.

Find that one thing and make it yours. Own it. Exaggerate it a times. And wear it with confidence.

After all, confidence is a woman’s best accessory.

What’s your statement piece or statement style? I’d love to know! Share in the comments.



Abby Walker, She Is Fierce! Contributor

Abigail Walker is founder + CEO of  Vivian Lou (http://www.vivianlou.com). Collector of shoes, notecards, and themed pajama pants. Obsessed with polka dots, bows, and nautical prints. Mom to a bevy of two- and four-legged kiddos. Eats chocolate every day. Believes a pair of heels can change your perspective…on everything!

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