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Support Small Business: Cyber Sensible

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Denise Cyber Sensible

Social Distancing: Support Small Business Series


Our team is doing its best to come together and support small businesses in our online She Is Fierce! community and our local North Florida communities.

During this time of social distancing, it’s critical that we come together virtually to support the small businesses that are the foundation of the economy and the livelihood of our neighborhoods and friends.

In good times, many look at small business owners and think “they’re so lucky, they have it all – time freedom, money, etc.”  The truth is often not so rosy… starting, running and growing a business can be SO hard.  In times like these, it’s the service industries and small businesses that often get hit first.

There are countless small businesses and solopreneurs working hard right now to figure out how to keep paying their employees and their bills and to keep making a difference for their families and their communities.

Let’s come together to do our best for those who sponsor our local kids sports leagues, remember name and order, and work late into the night to get it all done… every day.


Support Cyber Sensible


Cyber Sensible’s workshops advocate for a better understanding of how online actions can have an effect on success and well-being, and teach children and adults how to self-monitor and self-regulate.


Being at home for extended periods of time, screen-time is a major concern for many parents… we don’t have time to keep track of everything kids are watching while also working from home!


Empower your family to make smart choices online with simple, practical Cyber Sensible advice.

If you’re wondering how to keep your kids safe now and in the future… sessions can be done NOW via video screen share on your laptop or tablet!


The goal of every Cyber Sensible Digital Wellness Workshop is to provide an open forum for discussion on the challenges all of us face in our increasingly tech heavy world.

Questions like:


How can we find balance?

How do we aintain true human connections?

How do we remain empathetic to people behind the screens?


All workshops include:
  • Digital Media Expertise and the Impact on Culture and Social Norms
  • Compelling, Engaging, Relatable and Empathetic Speaker
  • Customized Sessions Tailored to the Intended Audience
  • Interactive Discussions and plenty of time for Q&A
  • Concise Take-Aways for Reflection and Application


Learn more about Cyber Sensible’s Online Safety Training here > 

Take a Digital Wellness Workshop here >

OR, if you manage a school or organization looking for group sessions, check those out here >


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