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Support Jacksonville: Grow Family Yoga & More

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Social Distancing: Support Small Business Series


Our team is doing its best to come together and support small businesses in our online She Is Fierce! community and our local North Florida communities.

During this time of social distancing, it’s critical that we come together virtually to support the small businesses that are the foundation of the economy and the livelihood of our neighborhoods and friends.

In good times, many look at small business owners and think “they’re so lucky, they have it all – time freedom, money, etc.”

The truth is often not so rosy… starting, running and growing a business can be SO hard.  In times like these, it’s the service industries and small businesses that get hit first.

There are countless small businesses and solopreneurs working hard right now to figure out how to keep paying their employees and their bills and to keep making a difference for their families and their communities.


Let’s come together to do our best for those who sponsor our local kids sports leagues, remember name and order, and work late into the night to get it all done… every day.



Support Grow Family Yoga


Grow Family Yoga helps progressive folks remember how to chill, create unique memories with their families so they can instill a sense of calm among the chaos, let go of guilt, and reclaim who they are.


It is located at 4070 Herschel St, 3, Jacksonville, Fl, 32210 and ONLINE!

Meet Heather Horrell, the owner of Grow Family Yoga and experience a session that includes a baby yoga nursery rhyme right here…



Existing members have free access to all of the Grow Family Yoga virtual classes, and non-members can donate via Patreon to access online yoga classes for everyone in the family as well as other free content, printables and activities.

You don’t have to sign up for a full membership right now – you can DONATE right here! and access at-home workouts and services for your whole family from a beloved local community business!



Learn more and support Grow Family Yoga right now at or by calling (904) 310-4190.

While you’re at it… follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


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