October 28, 2017

How Organizations Can Motivate Employees






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How Organizations Can Motivate Employees

The first thing that comes to mind when the topic of motivating employees is mentioned is usually a pay rise. Still, that’s not the whole point and although money is an important part of the deal, it can’t compensate for some other issues that can kill productivity. There are many different things that can hit the right button and spark motivation, but the catch is to find what works for each and every member of your team. The crucial thing to realize is that no matter how dedicated and hard-working your employees are, it’s only logical that they can’t expect them to burn with the same zeal like you. Still, there are several tips that can help you create an enthusiastic and committed team, and you’ll be surprised at how some of them are simple and easy to use.

Communicate effectively

This should be the first step towards motivating your employees. A lot of managers actually don’t know how to communicate with their employees and they believe that some things go without saying. For example, the fact that you’re not complaining about your employees’ work isn’t enough to show them that you’re satisfied with them. A recent survey has revealed that only 42% of employees are satisfied with rewards and recognition they get. You need to show your appreciation and tell them to keep up the good work. It’s usually much easier to communicate with your staff through email or various messengers, while real, face-to-face communication is neglected nowadays. Although it’s efficiency can’t be denied, this approach is too sterile and faceless, which is why you need to talk to your employees in person as this builds rapport and the feeling of mutual trust and loyalty.

Organize work efficiently

A creative mess isn’t exactly a successful method for running a business. It’s of vital importance to delegate tasks and keep track of how the work is progressing. When your employees know what exactly is expected of them and how much time they have to finish a task, they’ll be able to prioritize work, eliminate pressure, and be more efficient and productive. A reliable online project management tool can make all the difference, and help your organization run like clockwork. This can be particularly useful for organizations that have remote employees because managing people who aren’t physically present can be a huge challenge.

Encourage a healthy work-life balance

Happy employees are productive, and one of the most important factors that affect happiness is the relaxation time during which people can rest and pursue their hobbies and interests. If there’s no healthy work-life balance, employees will be stressed out, tired, frustrated, and unproductive, not to mention that all this will affect their health which will result in more sick days. A comprehensive research study has concluded that happy workers take only one tenth the sick days of their unhappy coworkers. Besides the moral reasoning that has to do with employees’ well-being, there’s also a financial aspect because sick days are expensive for employers. So, it’s very important to encourage people to take breaks, limit staying over time, offer flexible schedules, and make sure that they take their vacation. All these steps will prevent burnout and boost productivity.

Keep your employees updated

Leaving your employees in the dark about the things that happen in the organization is something that will make them frustrated and insecure. Since they’re contributing to the success of your business, they deserve to know how the decisions you make will affect their future. Remember that they’re the ones who go through thin and thick together with the company, so make sure that they are part of all the important events. If you don’t inform them on a regular basis what your plans are, and what goes on in the company, you send them a message that they don’t matter to you and that they’re just a replaceable cog in the wheel.

Motivate them on an individual level

Not every member of the team is the same, and different things and incentives motivate them. You need to get to know your employees, understand them, and find out what works for them. It’s essential to link each individual to the success of the whole team and make them realize that their unique role in the team greatly contributes to the company. There are no small parts in this whole process, and you should make sure that your employees are aware of that. Building strong relationships among the members of the team can be a game-changer, so encourage team-building activities as much as possible.

Nobody can’t deny that a pay rise or various fancy perks can make your employees very motivated and productive, but you should also work on another, more personal and psychological level if you want to create a winning team.

Alex Williams is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find her luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase your expertise and receiving recognition. She is a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog  “http://bizzmarkblog.com”.

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How Organizations Can Motivate Employees

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