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Inner Kindness – The Cycle

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Inner Kindness – The Cycle pin

As you move through the three key elements for a transformative deep dive into self-acceptance, connection and understanding think of it as an ever flowing, ever changing cycle. At the core of the cycle is inner kindness, of course, surrounded by the three elements we’re about to discuss. This is sort of an unusual cycle because it can move forward, backward, sideways, upside down, diagonal, side to side and all at once. It’s a practice. But the point is that they are all in play if you’re cultivating inner kindness, working together, ebbing and flowing, building up momentum to attain and maintain the deepest level of inner kindness.

To begin the process let go of the need for this to be perfect. There will be no point in this journey that will feel like your work is done, only that you have arrived at a place of peace and ease.

You will experience immense joy, unexplainable magic, limitless confidence and the feeling of finally being fully alive. Sit with that. Thrive off of it. And most importantly, always, always, always keep learning. Your needs are constantly changing. Your desires are forever evolving.

Let your inner kindness guide you to where you need to go. Know that this is a lifelong process; Savour every moment.

Lastly, accept the stuff that doesn’t feel so good. Do your best to avoid shutting down when you start feeling things you don’t want to feel or thinking things you don’t want to think. That won’t work here. When you start shining light on the dark spots it can get a little messy. If you’re feeling, you’re doing the work that needs to be done. Commit to going through, diving in, and consciously cracking yourself wide open.

If you’re ready for a transformative deep dive into self-acceptance, connection & understanding, keep reading.

The world is chaotic and we’re expected to keep going. The pain is deep. The struggle is real.

Trust me, you’re not alone. In my early twenties, I found myself in an abusive relationship, filled with anxiety and completely alone. It was only when I discovered my saving grace that I was able to pull myself from the deep dark hole I was in.

With Kindness captures the unmistakable power and necessity of diving deep into a state of inner kindness. All the hope without all the struggle.  If you’re looking for transformation, this is it.

You deserve a life filled with conditionless self-acceptance, meaningful connections and a deep understanding of yourself and your world. The 3 key elements within this book are made up of revelations that will launch you into a life filled with all that you desire. Are you ready?

Excerpt From:

With Kindness: 3 Key Elements for a Transformative Deep Dive into Self-Acceptance, Connection and Understanding by Stephanie Mulhall
Available on Kindle
Hardcopy release: June 2017

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth MulhallStephanie Dawn Elizabeth Mulhall is a certified Inner Kindness Coach and Founder of With Kindness Coaching. She is a spirited light chaser and lover of all things human. She has worked with hundreds of youth both one-on-one and in group settings, guiding them to the realization that they are inherently and unconditionally worthy. Her work is both inspired by and created through the lessons she has learned from them. She believes that her sole (and soul) purpose in life is to connect and to empower.

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