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I'm Kelly - the founder of She Is Fierce! and your host on our blog featuring stories and wisdom from fierce women all over the world! 

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What does “She is Fierce” mean to you?

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What does "She is Fierce" mean to you?

What exactly does “She is Fierce” mean to you? I want you to really take the time and figure out what it means to YOU! I want everyone to find the parts of them that are fierce, and truly get why we as women are so phenomenal! 

Here is what it means to me:

She’s a woman who wakes up each day and takes the world on, not caring what’s about to get in her way, only caring that she takes it on as strong and mighty as she may be.

She’s a woman who isn’t afraid of rejection. She doesn’t care if she hears the word “no”, she’s going to keep pushing doors down and taking chances either way.

She’s a woman who looks in the mirror and sees her flaws, like we all do but looks past that and says “I’m beautiful just the way I am” and knows that inside and out.

She’s a woman who builds other women up instead of tearing them down, because she understands the importance of a tribe, and just how much better it can make yourself to help be the person that nurtures another one to stand tall. 

She’s a woman who has tough days, days where she might cry, and question everything she’s doing, and in the end, she knows she’s human for it, and knows in her heart and soul she’s doing ok and tomorrow will be better. 

She’s a woman trying to juggle a career and raise her kids as a single mom, and does it all on her own, and feels empowerment from that. 

She’s a woman who stays at home all day and takes care of the kids, and her house, and has dinner ready for her husband when gets home, and feels blessed to call this life.

She’s a woman who raises kids, does the career, and kicks major butt at being a wife, and knows she’s superwoman! 

She’s a woman who fights for what’s right, who takes a stand for what she believes, and doesn’t feel the need to explain herself to anyone.

She’s a woman in a mans job constantly having to prove to those around her she can do it just as well when she knows inside she’s doing it even better! 

She’s a woman battling heartbreak and picking the pieces up on her own, only to make herself be the best version she can be. Who learns from it and grows from it and takes all that good and makes something spectacular out of it.

She’s the woman who is married and knows the struggles that marriage takes on but also relishes in the joy marriage brings and relies on her faith in that to motivate her everyday to be a better wife. 

You see; she is fierce is all of those women, and more. She is fierce means you embrace who you are, everyday, and love yourself so fiercely! We live in a world where too many people judge us, and where we are too hard on ourselves. But when you’re a woman who is secure in who you are, that’s the moment you know you’re on top. That’s the moment you keep building yourself up while building other women up around you. 

Be this woman! Raise these kind of women.

Build up your girlfriends so they become these kinds of women. Know that there are days that you just want to cry, and that’s ok. There are days you will doubt yourself and question decisions, and that’s ok. There will be day’s you look at the imperfections in your body and wish they weren’t there, and that’s ok, that’s human. Take your few minutes deal with it and relish in the fact that you keep going up from there. 

Every morning you wake up I challenge you to find what is fierce about you and use it to motivate you and push you through your day to be better and go after it.

Be fierce, always! 



Cindy Marshall has called Saint Augustine, Florida her home for seventeen years now. A single mother of three daughters, who balances that while owning her own photography business, working in media with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and helping with Jags player, Allen Hurns on his foundation 88 Blessings which helps give back to single moms in need. In her “spare” time she’s started to write for pucker mob and now, She is Fierce.

  1. Bridget Gordon says:

    L..O.L Doll FIERCE . you are as FIERCE as a Dragon . that you Can take
    down a lion.
    as Fierce as a penguin
    L.o.L doll fierce
    as fast as a cheetah .
    you are a fierce GIRL!.
    you can go to the deep Sea . and meat a
    real mermaid and Be a mermaid…………………………………………………………………………………….
    you are brave fierce
    NINA, 8 years old

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