March 18, 2017

7 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life And Breath






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7 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life And Breath


Are you feeling cluttered and stressed? Then it is high time that you simplify your life. Leading a complicated life can make you feel lethargic, anxious and irritated. So, it is important to de-clutter and de-stress in order to lead a life which is full of energy and happiness.

Worry no more as the following tips have got you covered.


Manage Possessions


Having a lot of material possessions can complicate our life to a greater extent than we think. It can negatively impact our attention, energy and the bank account. Possessions even keep us further away from our loved ones and a value based life. Ensure that you invest some time to remove properties which are not essential to you.


Avoid Negative Thoughts


Having negative thoughts is of no help to anybody. Jealousy, anxiety, bitterness and resentment have never improved anyone’s quality of life. Remember, that it’s you who should take responsibility for your mind. We can forgive and forget the past hurts and substitute negative thoughts with a positive one to lead a happy life


Time Commitments


It is important to realize that most of our day is filled with many time commitments. These time commitments include our work, chores, community events and even our hobbies. When you are time bound, you will feel more stressed out as well. Do what is necessary to avoid the commitments which are of not much value to you.


One Goal At A Time


Do you have a lot of targets in life? Then it’s time for a fresh approach. Try reducing the number of targets to one or two for the time being and focus one goal at a time. You can jot down the goals based on your priority in a book. Once you accomplish a goal, you can add another one.


Manage Your Debt


Sacrificing today’s happiness for a better tomorrow is vital. If you feel that your debt is holding you back, then ensure that you do the right steps to reduce or captive it today itself. This can give you great relief.


Complain Less And Avoid Overextending Yourself


Ensure that you complain less about things that you have little power over. For example- Many of us complain about the hike in gasoline prices. But, we have little control over it. But, we can control our consumption of gas by perhaps altering the way we drive or ride. Likewise, find the solution to problems and reduce complaining. This can give you increased happiness and personal power.


Another thing to avoid is over-extending yourself; it can complicate your life to a bigger extent than you think. So it is important to learn to tell no to people. Convey the message by saying that it is not going to work for you. If they insist, repeat the message. This way the other person will understand easily as well. This can also contribute to increased self-respect and self-esteem. Moreover, you can devote your time to the things you want to do.


Say No To Processed Foods


Ensure that you say no to food items excess in high fructose sugar syrup, white bread, excess sodium and Trans fat. Reducing these ingredients in your diet can increase your energy level gradually. In the long term, you will be much healthier as well.


Also, ensure that you reduce over-reliance on OTC medicines and products which contain nicotine or caffeine. When you built a dependency on OTC medications, it can act as a hindrance to the body’s natural capacity to heal.


Bonus Tips


  • Traditional media is powerful enough to rearrange the values which we learn in life. Ensure that you spend more time with loved ones and less time with video games, television, the internet, and technology.


  • Ensure that your words are honest and plain. Avoid gossip and mean whatever you say.


  • Humans are social beings. So ensure that you give more importance to your relationships. Know when to sign out of Instagram and when to keep your cell phone down.


  • Many researchers are of the opinion that multitasking might play a huge role in inducing stress and reducing productivity. So ensure that you go for one thing at a time.



The tips listed above are sure to help in simplifying your life. Moreover, it will ensure your well-being and happiness.


Evelyn Kail

Evelyn helps people to live a happy and healthier life. She is an established Health and Fitness author (over 12 years of experience) and editor of She also loves writing about people and inspirational stories.

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7 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life And Breath
7 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life And Breath

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