May 10, 2016

Important Lessons Taught by Internet Cats






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Important Lessons Taught by Internet Cats

The  million and half what-ifs that keep us up at night wondering what would happen if: we got sick, if our coworkers secretly hate us, or if we will die broke and have to work forever. We blanket the fear by desperately scrolling past pictures of kittens to keep the night terrors away, but really that’s just the suppression. Have no fear, take an actionable lessons from the these carefree kittens, they can teach you a few things about stress-free modern adulting.


Dealing with Illness by Yourself

If you are one of thirty-three million Americans without health insurance, or just hate being sick, illness can be a major concern in your life. That cubicle mate who just won’t stop coughing (or go home) can drive you up the wall with worry. There are so many illnesses, parasites, and fungi to worry about, and worrying about it will only make it worse! While taking regular measures like frequent hand-washing, sanitizing regularly used surfaces, and eating well will help you prevent illness, allowing yourself some much needed stress relief will be one of the strongest defenses against illness. It can prevent heart disease, improve your immune system, and make you feel infinitely better.


Let’s take some lessons from our darling internet kittens on ways to prevent negative stress and potentially illness from dominating our life:

Exercise (Especially yoga!)

Take Care of Yourself (Spa Day!)

Get Enough Sleep



Paranoia, and Other Irrational Fears

If you listen to political speeches, or watch a lot of news irrational fears are something that might just be part of your life. Headlines filled with fear mongering statements like deadly jellyfish, or terror threats may not contain the most accurate information about the world, or even be a real risk, they do increase your stress. And that is not good for your health. You can either take one of two routes, ignore it, or embrace it as a reality that you can live with. For example, if you track your cat (which is super fun and you should totally do it) your cat either doesn’t know what you’re doing, so doesn’t worry about it, or it totally knows what you’re doing, but doesn’t care.


If there are irrational fears in your life that don’t have bearing on the quality of life, try either ignoring it, or living with it as a reality in your life. It’s how a surprising number of chemtrail believers live amongst us without talking about it all the time, and still lead very normal lives. It’s not about ignoring legitimate problems, it’s about prioritizing your life, and focusing on what makes it better. Don’t ignore irrational fears, set them aside to handle the reality of your life, and push forward with that before you find yourself worrying about the unnecessary or imagined. Like this kitty!




How do you act in public? Are you worried that your coworkers might think you are creepy or fat or a square? Maybe you broke some cultural taboo by licking the sticky rice off your chopsticks (you did) but there is no way you have known that. Besides maybe that guy at the other end of the restaurant was staring at you for other reasons. Is one of the midnight worries about what people think of you, or if you acted appropriately? Chill. Don’t worry. You know who else breaks etiquette? Those adorable kittens, and everyone loves them! You might think your cat just doesn’t care, but that feline knows what is important (keeping it’s poop out of the way) and acts on that. If there is something terrible, people will tell you, otherwise, keep living the thug life. Like your darling cat.


Money. Oh My Gosh. Money. What to Do With This Mess?

You’ve got a killer job, a place to live, and you’re putting by; it’s still not unusual for money to keep you up at night. What if you break your leg, or your car dies? Act like your cat, hoard, but just money, not furballs or trash. There are a plethora of ways you can hoard money, either in a retirement fund, a well planned savings account, or the potential of money: credit. Getting a solid credit score is less about getting a ton of credit cards, and more about staying on top of your bills, setting up auto-payment, or even using a pre-paid credit card. This can be achieved by putting together an actionable plan to save money every month, or contributing to a company run retirement plan (if you never see the money, you won’t be tempted to spend it). And, always remember to keep your money safe.



The stress and fear of modern life keeping you up at night? Never fear, take hints from life from your favorite lovable, internet cats. From staying healthy, to saving a little money, they’ve got your back. You’ll be adulting in no time!


Mary GraceMary Grace is a magical unicorn of a human being from the gorgeous Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and human interactions with technology. Email her anytime at or connect with her on Twitter.

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Important Lessons Taught by Internet Cats
Important Lessons Taught by Internet Cats

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