Why You Are Flippin’ Epic
Why You Are Flippin’ Epic






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 Why You Are Flippin’ Epic


You are a fantastic person. There’s a lot you can accomplish as a woman, and a lot you can do to make the world a better place. Here’s a few of the reasons you’re so amazing.


You are probably amazing at communication.


You are way more likely to be a communication superstar if you were born with a lady brain. That’s great if you want to talk to anyone ever or effectively lead a group or communicate your goals and expectations. Your awesome communication skills can be used to achieve greatness! Aren’t you glad that you are statistically likely to be better than the average bear at using and interpreting words and body language!

You are part of a secret society of under-recognized historical superheros.


Women are the best kept secret of history — and not by choice. But their stellar skills have been used to make people happy, stop wars, create new inventions, write books, make masterpieces, and all the other great things that humans have the capability to accomplish. The only difference between the great women before us and what we have today is that we can take off our superhero masks and bask in the glory of our own talents.

Things are getting better for your life.


Things have been looking up for women for quite awhile. Females have made fantastic strides in the twentieth century, and it’s only looking up. People care about women because they are human members of society, and when every member of a society can be helpful and productive, it propels us all forward. There have been great strides to stop women from being discriminated against and it seems to have a forward projection.

You would make a great doctor.


Your mom would be so happy to know that, even if you aren’t a doctor now, you would’ve been more likely to be a great one! Patients treated by female doctors have less follow ups and are more likely to receive effective care.

You probably are pretty green.


Women are more likely to support environmentally friendly practices and have a smaller carbon footprint. If you haven’t found your superpower yet, you can whip your mask off, knowing that you are helping the planet! Women eat less beef (eating no beef is better for the earth than not driving your car) and are smaller, which uses less resources. Heck, we could even go to Mars on fewer resources. Women are environmental superheroes — and you are probably one of them, since you are reading this article.

You probably commit fewer crimes.


Women commit less crimes and usually less violent crime. Bonus points towards the theory that women are superheroes. You are statistically less likely to be a serial killer and commit corporate fraud, and therefore are definitely an upstanding hero-citizen. Thank you for being so awesome!

You live longer (what a Wonder Woman!).


Women live longer than men. They engage in less risky behavior, and, with the double-X chromosomes, women have give them a super swole immune system. Even though medicine has trouble accurately diagnosing and treating women, they still persist nonetheless.

If anything you are a smart cookie.


If you are a girl, you are definitely a smart person. Between the genders, there isn’t a big difference in IQ, but for emotional intelligence (EI), you are definitely an over performer. That means you can understand how people are feeling better and empathize with them. Hot dang! Might as well add emotional telepathy to your list of being an epic Wonder Woman. Plus, with a high EI, you have an increased likelihood of having good mental health, better job performance, and fantastic leadership skills.

You are a cautious driver.


As a woman you are probably a more cautious driver who regularly wears your seat belt and are less at fault in accidents. As a great driver, you have less risk accidental death, and can continue to outlive all those other suckers who aren’t women.


You are fantastic — as a person, not just the merits of your gender. But if you are having trouble or feeling down on yourself, just remember, you are woman. You are great. You are smart and basically a hero citizen. Comment down below if there’s anything we missed in this list.


Mary Grace

Mary Grace is a magical unicorn of a human being from the gorgeous Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and human interactions with technology. Email her anytime at marmgrace@gmail.com or connect with her on Twitter.