Ways to Take Care of Your Skin & Body When Life Has Gotten the Best of You
Take Care of Your Skin & Body When You’re Overwhelmed






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Ways to Take Care of Your Skin & Body When Life Has Gotten the Best of You

Sometimes life just gets out of hand and it leaves you feeling worn down and exhausted. Whether it’s maintaining the balance between work and home life, dealing with financial woes or trying to be supermom there’s definitely enough stress to go around. While some moments can change you forever there are plenty of ways to take care of yourself and get your mind and body back on track. Check out the list below for some new methods to throw in your self-care routine.



Take A Hot Bath

If you can find enough time to relax in the tub it can do wonders for your mind and your body. Detox baths can be great if you’re getting sick or just feeling especially run down from stress. A friend of mine swears by this detox bath recipe:



Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water really is crucial to your overall health. Being properly hydrated not only helps you feel better but also goes a long way towards beautiful and healthy skin. Being dehydrated affects the elasticity of your skin which can make it more prone to wrinkling. If plain ol’ water is hard for you to drink, there’s plenty of ways to make healthy flavored water and skip the additives (and cost) of store bought flavored waters.



Work Out Regularly

I know, it seems impossible to find time to exercise when you have so much going on in your life. The good news is there’s plenty of other busy women experiencing the same thing who have come up with an exercise survival guide: lunch break workouts. If you’re too busy to even leave your desk during the day there’s still plenty you can do to engage your body by working out from the comfort of your office. Another way to be mindful of health in the office? Check your posture regularly. Make sure you’re not straining your neck and that your back is supported properly. You wouldn’t believe the damage that poor posture can do to your body.



Start A Skincare Routine

Washing your face regularly is just one part of skincare. You have to put back the moisture that can be stripped away when you wash. Moisturizers, face creams and masks are all a great way to keep your skin soft and moisturized. When moisturizing and washing aren’t enough to deal with your skin troubles you can try something a bit more, like a peel for instance. Peels can tighten skin and reduce signs of aging but they also get rid of dark spots and create a more even skin tone.



Have A Spa Day

Massages, exfoliation and clay baths, oh my! What’s not to love about a day at the spa? While constant visits to the spa are probably not in your budget, it’s totally okay (and recommended) to treat yourself every now and then. Work out those sore muscles with a massage. Get a clay treatment and allow yourself to let go of all your worries. The spa is a place of serenity and relaxation, but it’s only as relaxing as you make it. You have to let go of all your worries at the door.



Spend Some Time Outside

Honestly it’s amazing how a little time in nature can change your mindset. Some fresh air and sunshine might be exactly what you need to get back to your old self and take life by the horns again. Throw on some sunscreen (or a moisturizer with spf) and head outside to appreciate the wonder of nature.



Focus On Yourself

When it comes to being the supermom, the office hero or the one who keeps everything working it can be easy to forget that you matter too. You spend so much time making sure everyone else is taken care of that you neglect to take care of yourself. That has to stop now. If you let yourself get run into the ground, you’re no good to anyone; not the people you take care of and certainly not yourself. For that simple reason I’m asking you to sit back and take a moment to think about what makes you happy. What makes you feel cared for? Make a list of ways you take care of yourself and make a promise to yourself to do those things more often. Self-care is about keeping yourself healthy; mind, body and soul.


Whether it is motherhood, being a 9-5er, or keeping up with the hassles of everyday life, it can all be very overwhelming. You have to remember to take time for yourself to recharge. While there may be others like you there’s only one you in this world. Being one of a kind is exactly why self-care is so important, you’re irreplaceable. Life may get the best of you but now you have an arsenal of coping methods to get back on top of the world again.


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