What Following Your Passion Is Really Like

February 1, 2016

The Truth: What Following Your Passion Is Really Like…






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What Following Your Passion Is Really Like

I launched She Is Fierce in February of 2015, when I was home with my baby daughter Annabelle…

Well, Annie is now one and a half, my son Elijah just turned four, and She Is Fierce! is about to have its one-year birthday too!

It has been quite a ride – as so many of you know from your own experiences –  being a working mom with two young kids is hard work… and even more so when you’re building a business from scratch!

It feels like this past year has been a wild ride of following dreams, getting knocked down and getting back up again, making plans, rushing to meet deadlines, wondering how everything can possibly come together, and feel overwhelmed with pride as the pieces start to fall into place… and then anxious again when a new plan starts to form!

My background is in TV and digital development, so I felt fairly confident when I started thinking through what it would really mean to build a brand dedicated to inspiring and empowering women… and while I had the big-picture vision down, there has certainly been an incredible learning curve every day as I better understand what we can create and learn the best ways to really reach out to other women who are looking for support, connections and mentorship.

One of the greatest rewards has been hearing from women around the world who reach out to share that an article on our site, a video from our speaker’s series, or being a part of our membership really moved them and helped them move forward in the direction of their dreams.

We just wrapped up our first Passion & Purpose Challenge, and it was so rewarding to hear back from women who I had never met before, and who hadn’t already been a part of our She Is Fierce! tribe, but who had been able to make big, life-changing decisions with just a little guidance from our challenge…

Sometimes, it’s just that little nudge that helps get you from where you are to where you want to be.

So, it has been a year of passions for me…  I have found a business and calling that I am passionate about through She Is Fierce!

It hasn’t been easy – instead of making a healthy paycheck, I have been investing to grow a business. There are times when I’ve had to step away from my kids when I didn’t want to so I could answer a call or an urgent email.  Other times, I have had to step away from work that I am super-excited about just when I am in that ‘flow’ state…  Usually because one of my kids is crying uncontrollably over something that feels insignificant at the time – they can’t have a fifth mozzarella cheese stick, for example 🙂

And yet, I wouldn’t trade the decision I made to start She Is Fierce!

Allowing myself to follow my passion (with a plan) has given me a chance to grow as a professional, has increased my confidence, has brought so many new people into my life who are on similar journeys, and has given me a chance to think big for the future!

I am not a life coach, and I am not here to tell you everything will be perfect if you just focus and manifest it (if I’m honest, I couldn’t even get through ‘The Secret’!)

But, I do believe that all of the hard work we put in to do something extra-ordinary is TOTALLY worth it when we have a plan.  We have to be willing to struggle a little to really have something worth being proud of – and to live a life that fills us with joy!

In the last year, I have been so privileged that a lot of that hard work has gone into something I am incredibly proud of – creating a membership that is filled with mentors and members from all walks of life who are excited about life and the possibilities they can create in their own lives…

We are a growing global community of women… and I would be honored to have you join us and get to share in your journey as you take YOUR leap of fierce!

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What Following Your Passion Is Really Like
The Truth: What Following Your Passion Is Really Like…

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