February 6, 2016

Apps to Download When You’re Looking for Motivation






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So many things to do, so little time.

Though there’s a lot of truth to that, there are definitely a number of apps that can help you stay motivated to get everything done. Anything you’re wanting to try – more recycling, less stress and more meditation, less time on the phone, etc. – there’s an app to help you out. Have a look for yourself, and let us know how these help you stay motivated with your goals!

Moment- 6 apps for motivation Moment- 6 apps for motivation


Time is money, and it is precious. Don’t waste it on your phone doing mindless activities. Don’t have the willpower to stop? Try Moment. It will tell you exactly how much time you waste on your phone, and let you set a usage goal (i.e. time limit) for certain apps. After that period, Moment will lock you out of the app or program.

Download from the ITunes store.

Android users can find a similar tool with the app Quality Time.


Headspace- 6 apps for motivation Headspace- 6 apps for motivation


Though initially helpful, it seems that all of these extra motivation programs often end up cluttering your mental space instead of sorting it out. So, to help settle whatever stress or mental chaos you’ve got going on, there’s Headspace. The goal is to dedicate 10 minutes of your day to clear your mind and get focused once again.

Download from ITunes.

Download for Android.

Mint-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation Mint-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation


Most motivation apps consist of notifications for working out or to-do lists, but managing our budget might very well be the thing we need most motivation for! For this, Mint has it covered. To simplify the process, the app allows you to put all of your accounts, cards and investments into one place and monitor everything from there. It tracks every purchase or transaction, and categorizes them accordingly. The app’s features allow you to set up bill reminders, create a personalized budget, and even pay some of your bills through the app. The best thing about it: it gives you an objective look about where you spend the bulk of your money.

Download from ITunes.

Download for Android.

Hitlist-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation Hitlist-Headspace- 6 apps for motivation


If you get your motivation from daydreaming about your next vacation, Hitlist is your perfect app.  Tailor the app by filling in your top travel destinations and your ideal time to go, and let the app do the rest. From that point forward, you’ll receive notifications about when airline prices are down and which hotels are having the best deals. Make your daydream a reality!

Download from ITunes.

Hitlist isn’t available for Android users, but Skyscanner is another great tool to find customized travel deals.

Download Skyscanner for Android.

duolingo- 6 apps for motivation duolingo- 6 apps for motivation


Chances are you are out of school and well into your career. You’ve always wanted to pick up another language, but where is the time and more importantly, where is the money? Rosetta Stone and language classes are not inexpensive. That’s where Duolingo comes in. It’s the perfect tool for those on the go trying to make incremental progress in language learning. The app offers 13 languages — all of the Romance, some Scandinavian, and a few other less-spoken languages. It’s super accessible and will make the learning process much more engaging.

Download for ITunes.

Download for Android.


Irecycle- 6 apps for motivation Irecycle- 6 apps for motivation


It’s common to hear people say that they don’t recycle because they “literally have no idea” what is recyclable or where it should go. Well, now there’s iRecycle to take away any and all of the confusion. Based on your location and item, it gives your information about how it should be disposed of, and for some items, where the closest drop-off location is.

Download from ITunes.

Download for Android.

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Apps to Download When You’re Looking for Motivation

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