Why Would You Hire a Personal Stylist?

October 16, 2015

Why Would You Hire a Personal Stylist?






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Why Would You Hire a Personal Stylist?


What do you mean by a Personal Stylist or an Image Consultant?

In fact we have all sorts of titles i.e. Wardrobe Consultants, Fashion Stylists or Makeover Consultants and YES we are paid to show people how to create a fabulous impression.

Most people assume that having your own personal stylist is the privilege of only the celebrities… Well up until recently that may have been the case – just as it was with personal coaches and personal trainers.  But, now having your own Personal Stylist has become not only a very real possibility but, the choice of those who want to make wise financial decisions.   So, let’s put an end to the luxury label, right now!  When we think luxury we generally think about extravagance and indulgence.  Personal Styling has everything to do with good planning, wise decision making and the economic use of funds.

All of this comes down to saving both time and money – 2 of your most precious commodities in life.

Everyone also wishes to be projected the best way they can in the view of others – right?  So, my purpose is to do just that! Do you ever hear yourself or others saying :

I’ve got nothing to wear & you know you have a wardrobe full of clothes?

I never look good in dresses / trousers / shorts / skirts… and you’ve never even tried to buy these items because this is simply your Belief?

Do you ever find you are always buying one particular style of garment or one particular color?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you can absolutely benefit from the professional services of a Personal Stylist.

We offer the kind of advice that can help people land a job, get a promotion, find someone to love or just feel good about themselves.

We also help you :

  • Develop your own Personal Style
  • Avoid making purchases that don’t work
  • Build a co-ordinated wardrobe
  • Be a selective shopper
  • Use sales wisely
  • Save you time and money in the shops
  • Save you time and money online
  • Go shopping with you
  • Do the shopping for you
  • Advance your career
  • Dress age appropriately….

We as Color Consultants might recommend wearing different colours or new styles, advise on a change of hairstyle, colour, makeup and grooming, go through your wardrobe, toss out clothes that aren’t working then shop for a new wardrobe and put together incredible outfits and just make you feel damn good with a spring in your step.

Some of us even develop a network of strategic partners that we can refer clients to such as hair stylists, nutritionists, dentists, personal trainers and even appearance medicine specialists. When we dine at a restaurant we expect our food to be presented or garnished to reasonable standards.  People too have houses that are decorated with interior design so the big question is why don’t we spend time and money on presenting ourselves? So, who is ready to make a change and become a fabulous piece of human garnish and stunning piece of human design and put their best foot forward?

Quite simply spending time with a Personal Stylist is a small investment that will save you money in the long run, will add inspiration to your wardrobe and it’s ever so much of a fun experience.

Always remember… Style is Not About Fashion it is About You!


Johanna-May Manks, She is Fierce! Contributor

Johanna-May Manks

Johanna-May Manks from Divine You Personal Styling believes that first impressions last the longest and your appearance affects the way you interact with others…She is passionate about helping people look good and feel great. “In business you represent your brand, you are your brand and you need to look the part.” She is a PERSONAL STYLIST and truly believes you can achieve the greatest results in your personal and professional lives by the way you look and feel about yourself… “I love to dress people to succeed.” Chosen this year to be the Milford Shopping Centre Stylist in Auckland she loves working one on one with clients and seeing the transformations she achieves.

Johanna-May is also an importer of stylish Womens’ Activewear from Brazil. “Women these days are juggling family, work, exercise and leisure all in one day and they want to feel comfortable and look stylish”. She saw an opening in the area of stylish yet supportive Activewear in the market, she now imports 3 brands from Brazil has an online shop and is also open by appointment. Johanna-May recognizes that everyone is unique, and makes her sessions tailor made to YOU.

Connect with Johanna-May… www.divineyou.co.nz, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

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  1. I never took into account that a fashion stylist could help me dress more age appropriately. Even though I’m still in my early twenties, I’ve been wondering if I dress like a thirty year old. What tips do you have for choosing a great fashion stylist in my area?

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Why Would You Hire a Personal Stylist?
Why Would You Hire a Personal Stylist?

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