Directions to Business Success

September 5, 2015

Directions to Business Success






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Directions to Business Success

Welcome to Struggle Street, there is no dead end so continue to Lessons Lane.

Make a left at WTH avenue. Continue straight then sharp right into Courage Corner where you will find a roundabout, turn left up Hopeful Hill.

Caution windy roads ahead.

Keep an eye out for flying debris (my dad use to call them flying Debras’!)  When it rains the path beneath will become slippery, so check your wheels for alignment. Continue along this road and you will find landmarks that are now familiar.

You will take the sharp bends with ease and make traction on the straights. Even with a GPS no one can prepare you for the conditions that lay ahead. You just need to be prepared for anything, everything and use caution. Heck put the hazard lights on if you need!

But remember to open the window, let the cool air flow in, feel the wind in your hair (don’t close your eyes!) and remember why you hopped in the car.

Don’t be a dipstick, you must take roads less travelled to send postcards from undiscovered troves.

Off road becomes your norm as you climb higher up the mountain. The view from the summit is breathtaking.

It was never about the destination but what you discover along the way. You may find your soul hitchhiking on the way…Stop and pick her up.

Sometimes the map will be wrong, stay the course. Persist to the next stop.

Ask for directions.

  • Fuel.
  • Water.
  • Rest.

You will look back and wonder why you ever lived on Struggle Street. Why you didn’t see Lesson Lane as a through road to always pass by, but never stop. Now you understand why WTH Avenue leads you to courage corner so you can zoom up to Hopeful Hill, to the view point. The best birds eye view and you finally see the woods for the trees.

The journey always has to happen regardless of your destination. Sit back, enjoy the ride and for goodness sake OPEN YOUR EYES!

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Natalie Tolhopf, She Is Fierce! ContributorNatalie Tolhopf knows what it’s like to try and fit in where you don’t see how it could work. Working as a chef in male-dominated, hot, and pressurized kitchens, she kept focused on her passion and learned from the best in the UK and Europe.

She took these skills into the development of a new café in New Zealand which made her see how important business planning and systems were. There, she discovered a rewarding love of teaching others how to be their best and realized her own worth and that it is okay to highly value yourself, your skills and experience.

From working in small business, she moved into a hospitality and tourism school tutoring young people in the importance of their own efforts and attitudes in even a large organization. Despite having a two-year-old and another baby on the way, Natalie was given the opportunity to run the business where she was in her flow, pushing the limits.

Knowing some time before that she would take the leap into launching her own business, she waited until the time was right and then … went for it!Natalie stopped playing small. She stopped hiding, stepped up, built upon her own journey,  and started to inspire and uplift women to showcase themselves to catapult their career.

Meet Natalie here…

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Directions to Business Success
Directions to Business Success

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