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My Leap of Fierce! – Katie Ghiotto

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After years of building a successful career as an interior designer — from schooling to internships to finding just the right job at an architectural firm — Katie Ghiotto of Neptune Beach, Florida, found herself a new mom and not sure her corporate career meant so much anymore. As luck would have it, her friend had just become an Arbonne Consultant — and Katie saw a life changing opportunity.
In the summer of 2012 a friend told me about her new endeavor, becoming an Arbonne Consultant. It was perfect timing, for so many reasons. First, I had just had my first child, an adorable little boy who had sensitive skin. So I wanted to try these products on him, and felt safe doing so knowing that everything was botanically based. Second, I was not happy about having to leave the house every day and go back to my corporate job, missing my baby. And third, although I had worked hard for years building my career, I was no longer enjoying it. Essentially, I found myself on the ‘hamster wheel’ of life — going to work five days a week, unhappy, and now with a young son I wanted to be home for.

So after months of using the baby products, I called my friend back to learn about how to start my own business with Arbonne. I was really impressed with the products as I couldn’t believe how quickly they made a positive difference in my son’s skin and now, I was equally impressed with the business opportunity. By this point, my pain was far greater than my fears and I decided to jump in and commit. Although I was excited by the long-term income potential, owning my own business, being my own boss, and time freedom this opportunity offered, I focused at first only on my short-term goal of replacing my part-time income. This would allow me to leave my corporate job behind and stay home. Focusing first on that small goal, gave me the courage to take that first leap of faith to make changes in my life that I had been previously too scared to do. Incredibly, after the first few months, I was able to replace that income and make an even bigger leap of faith by leaving that ‘secure’ corporate job for good!

I did start my business with fears and hesitations. I had no background in sales, skincare or nutritional products — all things I thought I needed. I also lacked confidence and didn’t enjoy speaking in front of people — more things I assumed would hold me back. Early on, whenever someone told me “No,” I wondered if I would ever be able to build a team and have thick enough skin to not let it affect me personally.

At the recommendation of my mentor, I started to read personal development and leadership books daily. I noticed the more frequent I read, the less often I had negative thoughts, and when I did, the faster I was able to push them aside. Focusing on the gratitude I had for things in my life currently, also allowed me to attract more things to be grateful for!

Once I met my initial goal of replacing my part-time income and leaving my job, my desire to make this work grew even stronger. I was able to experience how wonderful it was to work from home and I knew I would never be able to go back to the way things were. So I started growing my dream bigger. And that’s when I started to realized this could be life changing for my family.

I realized the key to growing my business was to do a little bit of business activity every day — working not constantly but consistently. I fit my daily activities into the nooks and crannies of my life, which often meant naptime, or once my son was in bed for the night. And even when I didn’t see the result of my diligent work, I kept at it. After a few months, I started to see the rewards growing, and before I knew it, all the little things I was doing were visibly paying off — all culminating 1 year after starting my business, promoting to the Vice President level within the company, and doubling my corporate income while only working half the hours!

Now, just two and a half years after launching my business, I get so excited to think about how my life will be in five years. I love that I have so much more time to spend with my son and husband and that I get to help other people realize that reality too. I have huge plans for what this business will continue to do for my family and those around me, and I love that I will reach my next goal when I help others reach theirs. My goals and reasons for continuing on this non-traditional route are ever changing, but I am constantly inspired by others being brave enough for making big changes too!

Katie GhiottoKatie Ghiotto of Neptune Beach, Florida, is a mom, wife and entrepreneur who recognized opportunity when she sees it.

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