August 18, 2015

“Who Does She Think She Is?” – Taking Business Too Personally






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 "Who Does She Think She Is?" - Taking Business Too Personally

If a potential client asks you a ton of questions and it gets your heckles up… Instead of looking at that potential client as a pain in your arse… You should know that they have their own needs to fill. They have probably had negative past experiences; plus if they make a wrong purchase… well you guessed it, they would take it personally too.

Oh here we go around the merry go round!

Let me explain.

If a potential client wants to know the in’s, the out’s, the full shebang…

Including your credentials…


And the clincher…”Why are you different?”


It’s not a personal slug at you! It is because that poor bugger just needs to compare, research and has a bit of ‘OCD buying syndrome’ or has to interrogate before they can sign up because that is how they do everything!!!!


It’s got diddly squat to do with you & your abilities and whether or not you are AWESOME!


As soon we drop making it about ourselves and see that our potential clients did not actually wake up and think, “I am buying a product or service today and I am going to personally attack everyone and then decide!” 

Interesting isn’t it?


Here are three signs that you are taking things too personally:


1. You  literally take things to heart

You put up a blog and you hold your breathe….!!  “Arggh does it sound right, did I spell check it? What if no one gets it? Then they will really think I am a fruit loop!”  Your actual heart feels like its been punched.


2.  A flippant comment is made in group conversation and…

you feel a rush of adrenaline and think that everyone is staring at you because they are thinking “Who does she think she is!”


3. You believe that your current business results are a reflection of you being:


a) A loser

b) A stupid loser

c) A stupid loser who is not clever

d) A stupid loser who is too old, too fat, too ugly  and even not cool enough!


You can see how this can and does spiral out of control!


So what can you do?

First, you must recognize that somewhere you carry within you a story. A story that you are not good enough, so you take other people’s opinions personally. If we start to see that it’s peoples personalities and not about ‘us’ its easier to deal with them. If you see that it means nothing about you and your skills but instead understand that all people have their own BS story going on.

Then you can have that sympathetic ear with them when they ask about your services. That bold courage when you are networking and the belief you deserve abundance.

It is your time now to listen. Where are you being held back?



Natalie Tolhopf, She Is Fierce! ContributorNatalie Tolhopf knows what it’s like to try and fit in where you don’t see how it could work. Working as a chef in male-dominated, hot, and pressurized kitchens, she kept focused on her passion and learned from the best in the UK and Europe.

She took these skills into the development of a new café in New Zealand which made her see how important business planning and systems were. There, she discovered a rewarding love of teaching others how to be their best and realized her own worth and that it is okay to highly value yourself, your skills and experience.

From working in small business, she moved into a hospitality and tourism school tutoring young people in the importance of their own efforts and attitudes in even a large organization. Despite having a two-year-old and another baby on the way, Natalie was given the opportunity to run the business where she was in her flow, pushing the limits.

Knowing some time before that she would take the leap into launching her own business, she waited until the time was right and then … went for it! Natalie stopped playing small. She stopped hiding, stepped up, built upon her own journey,  and started to inspire and uplift women to showcase themselves to catapult their career.

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"Who Does She Think She Is?" - Taking Business Too Personally
“Who Does She Think She Is?” – Taking Business Too Personally

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