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Networking: The Right Way to Follow Up With a New Contact

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Networking: The Right Way to Follow Up With a New Contact


You networked, got their info… now what?

Many things go into building and maintaining a successful business, one of the most important keys to expanding your business is to network. While most people in the business world realize this, often they go about it the wrong way.

Often people go to a mixer and get a dozen business cards, they put them in their address book and send out a copy of the same generic email to each of them.

Hello Ms. Ross,

It was great meeting you at the Chamber event. Please let me know if I can ever be of service to you.


Joan Prescott


This isn’t warm. This doesn’t stand out. This doesn’t make people want to reach out to you.

While it may take longer try to use a more specific follow up.


Hello Ms. Ross,

I’m Joan Prescott, Glenda Thomas introduced us at the Chamber event last night. I visited your website and was very intrigued, I especially enjoyed your blog about effect social media has on small business owners.

I really enjoyed our talk and would like to learn more about your business. I know you are very busy but please let me know if you are available for a quick coffee next Wednesday or Thursday to discuss your company.

Thank you for your time,



The second example is still short but it does what a good networking email should do:

  • Reminds the person who you are and how they know you. You quickly established where you met and who introduced you to help them remember you better. Chances are they also met multiple people and reminding them who introduced you instead of just where the introduction took place, narrows it down.


  • Shows respect and appreciation for what they do and their time. You won’t be the only person following up with them thanking them for their time and acknowledging that you realize they are busy will help you stand out.


  • Creates a clear call to action. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to set up a follow up appointment is leaving things too open. Instead of saying, “let me know when you can meet” giving a specific date or time forces the person to look at their calendar. Typically this clear call to action will either result in them accepting your invitation or countering with a different date that works for them. Either way this way you are more likely to get a meeting.


Now get out there and network!


Dia Darling, She is Fierce! Contributor

Dia Darling

Dia is a Marketing and Event Coordinator and lifestyle blogger.

She received her bachelor degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Working since age 15, she has worked in a number of industries including Retail, Insurance, Real Estate, Social Media Management, Event Planning, Blogging, Site Management and Marketing. Born and raised in Texas but a lover of travel. Her interests include karaoke, painting and cheering for the San Antonio Spurs.

She started her lifestyle blog All the Things I Do in early 2015 to inspire and connect with other millennial women looking to make the most of life.

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