Looking In The Mirror

June 18, 2015

When You Don’t Like What You See in the Mirror






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Looking In The Mirror

Any surface that reflects light and allows your reflection to be discerned can easily become your friend in need or your enemy in disguise.

Mirrors are not physically harmful unless you use them as weapons, but they can cause excruciating pain when you hate what you see in that piece of glass.

Fixing your makeup, shaping your hair or fitting into your clothes are daily tasks most women do in front of a mirror. These are harmless actions that save you from looking messy for work, not right for an event or having just picked the wrong style. We tell ourselves we want to look perfect for the occasion, a degree of perfection we think is required.

More often than not, making sure your hair is straight or your eyes are wing shaped without any smudging is not the only thing that goes through your brain when you step in front of the mirror.

These mundane tasks are steps we make to see a different reality. Makeup or clothes help to hide what we hate and what we wished we could change. We use mirrors to make sure we hide it effectively.

Mirrors often show us something we don’t like, something we hate about ourselves that only our eyes see.

If you don’t like what you see on the mirror, these are some important points to remember:

  1. The person in the mirror knows nothing about the real you.

    What you see in the mirror is just your physique, which to a large extent is a result of genetics. However, that is not something that you chose or you worked hard for. The real you has a backpack full of achievements, efforts, accomplishments and goals. The backpack is hanging on your back, tightly closed and you can’t see that in the mirror.

    There are many factors that could make your physique change, age being one of them.  These factors don’t reveal that you might be a funny, loving person or a hard working, determined human being. You are much more than what your appearance reveals.

  2. There are no two of you.

    Even twins or identical twins will have some differences that will set them apart. What you see in the mirror is a unique human being with a set of characteristics that no one else in the world will have. Why would you want to hate something that makes you special in this world?

    The person you think you see in the mirror only exists inside your thoughts because you are the only one to hear those thoughts. What you see is not what other people see.

  3. You can choose not to see yourself.

    Mirrors can be useful objects but they are not necessary. They are objects that reflect light and can function to usefully to make a room appear larger than it actually is.

    If a mirror is hurting your soul and disturbing your mind, you don’t have to look at one or own one. You can choose to work on loving yourself, taking care of yourself and building trust in your abilities so that the person you see in the mirror one day is the one that you love to look at.

  4. Mirrors can shape our realities and bring out the worst in ourselves.

We can be our most feared enemy as soon as we name the things we dislike about our physique.

We call ourselves ugly, fat or think we’re too different. None of these should be reasons for disapproving what we see or what we think of ourselves. Beauty is truly different in the eyes of the beholder.

Food that makes people salivate has to look beautiful, look special and look decadent. However, how many times have you tasted the beautiful creations of a high-class restaurant to end up preferring a comfortable meal at the diner down the road? You thought beauty spoke for the food you saw but it misguided you. It is taste not beauty that is the essence of food, and in the same way, it’s your personality that shows your true nature.

When you look at a mirror remember:

1. You have a voice to speak, a story that the mirror cannot tell in its entirety. It can be deceiving and not show what you are really made of.

2. You are the only you, you are unique and you have something that no one else will have. Don’t destroy or hide that.

3. You have a choice to look at or own a mirror. It is an object that we have grown to live with but as with most material goods, they are often disposable.

Never has an object exercised greater power than the human mind. Strong is not measured by force but by love. The love you give yourself will make you strong.

Now it’s YOUR turn…

  • How do you see yourself in the mirror?
  • Do you like what you see?


Elsie Goycoolea, She is Fierce! Contributor

Elsie Goycoolea

Elsie Goycoolea is a Spanish born, Ashford University student pursuing a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications.  She is a healthy lifestyle advocate and she currently combines her studies with writing on her personal blog: Sharing Healthiness.  She believes in individual wellness and finding your “happy health.” She aims to inspire and convince others how this lifestyle can bring joy, freedom and self-growth.  Your health is yours and yours only, so make it happy.

Connect with Elsie… www.sharinghealthiness.com, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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Looking In The Mirror
When You Don’t Like What You See in the Mirror

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