15 Things to Do After a Tough Week

June 12, 2015

15 Things To Do After a Rough Week






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15 Things to Do After a Tough Week


Have you ever had a week that just completely and utterly kicked your butt? Odds are you have. Maybe you have them often. We’ve all been there. You finally finished that work project that took up all your time, dealt with demanding clients all week, pulled off an important event on zero hours of sleep, or spent what feels like every waking hour in meetings. Or maybe, in your personal life, things were just a little busier or more complicated than normal – your little one absolutely did not want to sleep… like at all, extended family showed up unexpectedly and you spent the week chauffeuring them around, or you dealt with a relationship that had gone awry.

You successfully overcame it all, but you are mentally or emotionally drained. Sometimes a gal just needs to relax. You crushed it this week. Now catch a break!


Here are 15 things that will help you de-stress and unwind after a long week.

1. Get a massage — like stat.
It’s a surefire way to make you feel good and can help ease any anxiety you may have been feeling.

2. Curl up to that book you started and always wanted to finish. 
Then get lost in it.

3. Take a nap free of distractions and alarms. 
It doesn’t matter for how long, just make sure to sleep fully and wake up naturally.

4. Light candles in your favorite scent. 
Sit back and let the smells evoke familiar memories that connect you better to yourself and the things that make you happy.

5. Get creative.
Bust out your paintbrush or pen and unleash the artist or writer in you.

6. Take a long, warm bubble bath or indulge in a foot soak.
Pamper yourself – go ahead and make it “the works” with essential oils and bath salts. While you’re at it, why not throw some rose petals in there, too.

7. Dub yourself chef for the day and experiment in the kitchen.
Bonus points for baking something sweet that you can indulge in later.

8. Create a zen moment and meditate.
Focus on your breathing and rid your mind of clutter.

9. Make it tea time.
Use your French press and loose tea and appreciate the aromas as you sip slowly.

10. Put your favorite (chill) tunes on.
Then let the music take you away.

11. Get your cardio on by walking or running.
You choose your pace.

12. Go for a scenic drive.
You don’t need a destination, just enjoy the ride.

13. Reward yourself with a glass of wine…or two.
Just make sure to enjoy in moderation.

14. Channel your inner Emerson and Thoreau by finding wholeness out in nature.
Appreciate the sights and the sounds of your surroundings.

15. Glam up and hit the town with your girlfriends — happy hour, dinner, dancing.
For the social butterfly, always on the move, who’s idea of unwinding is being out and about.

Try one, or if you’re feeling extra deserving (go for it!), try them all. Then let that rough week become a thing of the past. Who’s ready to take on next week? Why, you are, of course!


Rachel Rocero, She is Fierce! Contributor

Rachel Rocero

Rachel Rocero is a Marketing and PR pro, passionate about tech startups and higher education. She’s also a recreational blogger who has contributed to HelloGiggles, SharpHeels, VolunteerMatch and more. She’s worn many career hats — leading communications for a coding school, working with several clients at a tech PR agency, the marketing director for an ephemeral messaging app, the North America corporate relations manager for an international business school, and the marketing project manager for a 12-campus college. She’s served on the Board of Directors for PRSA San Francisco. She’s a true Californian and a San Francisco explorer. Not to mention, a tea and coffee enthusiast — who in her free time finds pleasure collecting vintage advertising and other treasures at local antique shops.

Connect with Rachel… Twitter

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  1. Dia says:

    Great article! It’s my birthday weekend so this all sounds amazing.
    I also think incorporating one of these into everyday will make for better weeks as a whole.

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks so much for this article, I really need it this week! I am going to attempt all this weekend lol! 🙂

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15 Things to Do After a Tough Week
15 Things To Do After a Rough Week

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