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Jill Morley, Fight Like a Girl!


Fight Like A Girl is about women making the choice to stand up and fight for their life.” – Huffington Post, Gerry Gavin

What do you think when you hear “you fight like a girl”? It doesn’t come with any positive connotations. “Fight like a girl” is a common saying heard today. Extremely sexist, this phrase portrays women as the weaker sex; as less desired. “Fight like a girl” is considered an insult. Jill Morley thinks differently.

Fight Like a Girl is a documentary by filmmaker Jill Morley about the world of women’s boxing. With the opening scenes showcasing intense fighting, the film delves into a first person perspective about women overcoming their obstacles and finding healing in their own unique way. While training to become a female boxer herself, Morley undergoes her own journey preparing for the New York Golden Gloves. Meeting powerful and influential woman, Morley learns the importance of overcoming one’s past.




In the small world of female boxing, the film emphasizes the importance of supporting other women. Morley was awarded a medal from the World Boxing Council for her inspiration and courage.

Maureen Shea, “The Real Million Dollar Baby”, is another boxer featured in this documentary. After originally starting boxing to please her then abusive boyfriend, Shea has overcome the odds including fighting her own battle of depression. Fight Like A Girl follows her quest to a world title.

Another featured boxer, Kimberly Tomes, is of Asian descent and grew up adopted in a white family. She struggled with racial issues growing up and learns to deal with her past through boxing.




Susan Merlucci-Reno has found that boxing is the only thing she has stuck with all her life. Dealing with a life of anger, drinking, and dropping out, Fight Like A Girl shows her struggle and determination to compete in the Golden Gloves for her final year.

The phrase “fight like a girl” takes on a whole different meaning with this Best Documentary Winner of the 2013 Venice Film Festival. This usually violent, manly sport is transformed by these four women into a beautiful arena where they can come to support one another as well as themselves. This film is more than just the four women featured. It is about all women, overcoming adversity, stereotypes, and their own pasts to become a better version of themselves.

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  1. boxing odds says:

    I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out some additional information.

  2. She Is Fierce! says:

    Hi Boxing Odds! Check out for more on the film and Fierce Woman Jill Morley! Enjoy 🙂

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