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Guilty Pleasure Health: 5 Movies to Change Your Relationship with Food

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Movies to Make You Love Food


Deep into winter is the only time of year where it’s socially acceptable to be a homebody. And I’m such a homebody. I love curling on the sofa with a cuppa tea + Netflix or a book.

I feel slightly guilty doing this when the weather is nice, so I take full advantage when it’s too cold to do anything else. To celebrate the season of homebody-ness, I want to share with you 5 movies about food I think every woman should watch.

Here’s why:

I find foodies to be in one corner, and dieters in another. And there isn’t much in between. Foodies talk, write, read, and dream about food constantly, where I find many dieters are doing everything they can to get food out of their minds. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Whether you are have no guilt about your health {who are these people?!}, a little, or a lot, there is good reason to have a positive relationship with food.[/pullquote]I think these two worlds should collide together. Whether you are have no guilt about your health {who are these people?!}, a little, or a lot, there is good reason to have a positive relationship with food.

You gotta love food {guilt free}, because well, food dictates so much of our life.

What kind of life is it to constantly be anxious about food at a social event or feel guilty even about healthy foods because you’re already over your daily calorie allotment? Or “punishing” yourself at the gym because you need to burn an extra 200 calories to fit in dinner?

My heart breaks when I hear women say they’ve resisted a dessert all weekend because it’ll mess up their points or when I hear someone switching out an avocado in their sandwich for low-fat mayo because it has less calories. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]You gotta love food {guilt free}, because well, food dictates so much of our life.[/pullquote]The truth is, I think food can be indulgent + pleasurable while still being healthy for you. And more importantly it is possible to enjoy traditionally “unhealthy” food without the guilt.

These 5 movies celebrate food for all the wonderful things that it represents to different people: art, family, culture, pleasure, and community.


Here we go…


  1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi – OMGosh. This movie. This 60-minute documentary tells the story of this this teeny, tiny sushi restaurant in a subway station in Tokyo that boasts 3 Michelin stars. This is a beautiful glimpse into all things dedication, passion, and sushi.
  2. Today’s Special – A romcom meets any cooking show on the Food Network. This movie tells the story of how cooking brought a family back to life after a tragedy. I love this movie because it reminds me of the power of simplicity and listening to your intuition.
  3. Chocolat – One of my all-time favorites, because it brings up two important lessons about food that I shout from the mountaintops: food should be enjoyed and food has medicinal properties – if we allow it to heal us. Grab a few squares of dark chocolate, a glass of wine, and watch this one.
  4. Julie & Julia – This movie reminds me of how much I detest recipe creation, but love just about everything else about food: cooking + eating. Watch this movie if you’re a history nerd, or if you need some motivation in dreaming big and following through on long term goals.
  5. Ratatouille – How could I not include this one? A charming rat {this may be the only time I call a rat “charming”} makes an unusual alliance in the kitchen. Watch this movie if you need more cuteness in your life, or if you need some inspiration to go out on your own path – even if everyone else says you can’t.


For so many years, I let guilt dictate my relationship with food, exercise, my body, and even how I defined success in my life.

Watching just these movies won’t change habits + beliefs that have been ingrained over many years, but there are a great place to start.




Veronica Grant, She Is Fierce! ContributorVeronica Grant wants to live in a world where healthy is the guilty pleasure. As a health coach, she empowers women to transform their relationship her food, body, and health so she can show up as her best self in work + life, 100% guilt free.

When she’s not empowering, transforming, + guiding, you can find her indulging in her favorite guilty pleasure: a glass of Chardonnay + a good book. Her life’s latest work – Guilt to Guilty Pleasure Health Mentorship — hit the internet in early 2015.

Discover how to indulge pleasurably + guilt free, and to snag your free guide to Deconstruct Your Cravings + Healthy Snack List at

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