April 7, 2015

The Magic of Storytelling and Book Writing






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We all have a story to tell. A great story to tell. Are you ready to share your story?

When we hear the word “story” many of us immediately think about novels or bedtime stories. However, stories go much deeper than mere entertainment. Stories teach. They share knowledge. They explain things that may otherwise be hard to explain. They unite us and provide a broader understanding of how the world works.

From the time we are small children, we quickly develop a knack for storytelling. First we begin by telling tall tales that stretch the imagination. Then as we grow older we tell stories about our days, about our teachers and coworkers, friends and family members. We relay what we see and what we experience. Even now as an adult, storytelling is at the core of how we communicate whether it’s in a business meeting, at the dinner table, or online.

Most often we tell stories in short bursts. We tweet. We post on Facebook. We write 800-word blog posts. And while these stories run the gamut from inspiring to sad to purely informational, they are becoming spread so thin that it’s difficult to see a full picture.

However, there is a way to gather our stories and to create a more complete picture, one that can capture our knowledge, our skills, our backgrounds, our lessons learned. And that is through writing a book.

Sure, workshops, guest posting, blogging, and webinars are excellent methods to initially connect with others but nothing makes an impression like a book. Nothing creates a well-rounded, well-developed capsule of your ideas, knowledge, and stories like a book.

A book is special. It is the culmination of hard work. It is something that can be held onto and returned to time and time again. It is a gateway for others to learn about you and for you to teach and inspire others.

Are you ready?

Becoming a published author is an option for anyone and everyone who has an inkling of motivation and the ability to open their mind and heart to the process. I know that sounds a little “woo-woo” but writing is kind of magical. It might be absolutely excruciating the first few minutes you sit down at your keyboard but once you begin to type, the words take on a life of their own. Your thoughts spill from your mind and trickle down your arms through your fingertips and onto the page. Memories are stirred up from the depths of your subconscious. Connections are made that you may not have realized before. This is the magic of writing.

There are many ways to get on the writing wagon and start your journey to becoming a published author. (Which, by the way, sounds pretty awesome, right?) If you’re interested in someday writing a book but you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay. The most important part is to just start writing–about anything! Honestly, once you get into the practice of writing, you will begin to see certain themes develop and reappear time and time again. Once this starts happening, you’ll know which direction you’re headed. Go with it!


Here are a few more of my favorite tips for writing a book:

Schedule Your Writing Time – As Marie Forleo says, “If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” Make your writing goals real by actually putting writing time onto your calendar. I recommend 4-6 hours a week if you can!

Use a Dedicated Notebook or Computer Folder – Go out and buy a new notebook that will be used only for book writing. Fill it with notes, short stories, research, and more. Having a dedicated notebook or even just a computer folder will help remind you that this is a special (and important) project.

Join a Writing Group or Find an Accountability Partner – Writing can be lonely and sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated! To help keep you on track, find a writing partner, a writing group, or even just someone who will call you once a week to check in on your progress.

Write Even When You Feel Uninspired – I have a secret… the best writers in the world don’t rely on being hit with inspiration. They just do the work, even when they really don’t feel like it! Fortunately, once you sit your butt in the chair and start writing, the words will start to flow after a few minutes if you let it happen.

If you’re ready to tackle your book writing dreams, let us know below! We would LOVE to hear from you.



Alex Zamorski, She Is Fierce! ContributorAlex Zamorski is the founder and owner of Calamus Works, LLC. From the oldest publishing company in America to a newer publishing house to her own publishing services business, she has had the honor of helping people through the publishing process since 2009.

A life-long learner, reader, and writer, she worked hard in college and landed a job in book publishing right out of the gate. From there, she learned all she could about the industry, from marketing and sales to editing and writing to publishing and printing. She moved through two publishing houses before embarking on her own publishing journey with Calamus Works.  These days she helps a wide range of smart, motivated individuals tackle their writing and publishing goals. From book writing coaching to editing to publishing print books and ebooks, she loves helping people create wonderful books.

Meet Alex at http://www.calamusworks.com or on Twitter . Check out her Real Life Writing Tips (http://bit.ly/179tcNj) and get started on your publishing journey today.

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  1. Mark Evans says:

    The biggest lesson that I learned in writing a book (recently published) is the importance of having a plan/structure to guide you through the process. Then, you need to tackle the project every day – sometimes, it’s 30 minutes; sometimes, it’s three hours. In time, the book starts to take shape.

  2. Kari Zamora says:

    I have thought about writing about my life and about the things that I have went through, and how I got through them but I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I maybe ready. The reason I say this is because a lot of people in my family and friends may get hurt by it.

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The Magic of Storytelling and Book Writing

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