Let the Cows Go!

February 27, 2015

Let the COWS go!






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Let the Cows Go!


Several years ago while reading a very interesting book called La Vaca, by Camilo Cruz, I made an astonishing discovery. I had been invaded by cows, they had multiplied, and worst of all, I was feeding them and keeping them fat and happy! These cows where everywhere! They were blocking my path, limiting my sight and draining my energy until there was no more.

This book had arrived at the right moment, just when I was desperately seeking for answers as to why I hadn’t accomplished much and felt so unsatisfied with life in general.[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]I had been invaded by cows, they had multiplied, and worst of all, I was feeding them and keeping them fat and happy![/pullquote]The cows in the book represent our limiting thoughts and beliefs, and the stories we tell ourselves to keep us from facing what we fear. Unfortunately these cows are also keeping us from the life we want. They keep us inside the boundaries of our own comfort zone, making the world out there look like such a scary or unreachable place. Thoughts like: I’m not good enough, It’s too hard, I can’t do it because I don’t have the money or the time or the skills or the knowledge or my family’s support; are all cows. They come in the form of excuses, victimization, self sabotage and a poor perception of ourselves.

Real changes in life require that you let go of your cows. When you feed your dreams instead of your fears, and you realize you have the power to decide, then fear turns into hope, and hope feeds your dreams, and soon, that massive herd of cows begins to diminish, lose strength and fade away.

Think of whatever it is you want. If it’s possible for someone else it’s possible for you too. And the only thing standing in your way… is a cow.

To a life free of cows!

If you’re interested in reading the English version of La Vaca by Camilo Cruz, Ph.D, titled Once Upon a Cow: Eliminating Excuses and Settling for Nothing but Success, check out it out on Amazon.



Idaliz Escalante, She Is Fierce! ContributorIn 2005, Idaliz Escalante began a personal transformation process and went from being a timid girl, dedicated to the care of her four children and her home, to becoming an empowered woman, leading thousands of female entrepreneurs. She created the business of her dreams successfully and she is well known in her native country, Puerto Rico, for her success and leadership.

In 2008 she founded “MujerEmpresariadehoy.com” (Today’s Business Woman Network) to connect and empower women. Idaliz has been named among the most influential Latin women on the Internet, as one of 10 outstanding women in the Business Wonder Woman Tribute 2012 in Puerto Rico. She was also chosen to represent her home town of Cayey in the special edition “Nuestras Caras; 78 Mujeres y sus Versiones de Éxito” (78 Women and Their Versions of Success), in the CARAS Magazine, May edition, 2012. She’s a Certified Professional Coach and NLP Master, and is known as the Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Business Women in Puerto Rico. She created a powerful Success System based on her own transformation and experience. Her latest projects include the “Circulo de Poder” (Circle of Power), a group coaching program for women entrepreneurs and the 5 Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams 30 Day online coaching program.


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Let the Cows Go!
Let the COWS go!

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