November 14, 2016

How to Love the Job You’re In






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Is it possible to fall back in love with your job again?

Changing jobs for millennials these days is so common that it seems rare that you hear of someone celebrating a job milestone over 3 years. It makes me wonder though, what keeps millennials with a particular employer? Is it possible for the generation of creatives to stick with something challenging, and persevere? If you are on the fence about your current employer or job, I have put together a couple of tips that I have crafted that have helped me when I knew I still wanted to stay.

I currently straddle both worlds of working full-time, and running a coaching business on the side. Motivation is EVERYTHING. Staying connected and present in whichever role I’m in is vital. The demands don’t really stop since it isn’t a traditional work model either.

There are days when I really want to throw in the towel, work for myself full-time, and forget the drama and extra strain that working full-time brings.

Whether you work sole in a full-time or building your business on the side like me, you face the challenging workplace. There are stereotypical colleagues, days of mundane oversight from management, and tasks that seem to drone on and on. Where’s the fun in that right?

Well let’s pause for a moment. If you’ve been feeling the urge to throw in the towel and yet you know deep down right now is just not it- how can you make staying more bearable? Well what if I told you there was a way to make it fun again? I hear you sister, wouldn’t that be awesome.

Well…here are my own tips and tricks for finding your love in your work again:


Many of us join an organization to gain a series of specific skills related to both the job we are in, as well as the knowledge of the industry and greater departments that surround us. Take an inventory of the types of skills you may still want to gain while you are working at your current role- or perhaps there is a subject area you forgot you really enjoyed learning about. Maybe you want to master the art of flexibility in your job (aka the work from anywhere lifestyle), try working from a laptop once a week at home to alleviate the stress of commuting and learn to focus yourself in a different environment.

Develop your business muscles

Many organizations offer a series of basic business classes that include accounting, budgeting, HR, leadership development, communication, management, organizational assessment, event planning, project management, and other technical software or digital skills. Most employers budget a certain amount to help employees take different types of training. Depending your role/department, there can be a variety of options that you can consider. Look at your local university/college, online courses (Coursera, MIT Open Courseware) to identify low cost/free options to beef up your skills.

Coach Tip: Make a list of the skills that would help you succeed in your current job, move up to your future job, or expand your own personal business. See if your company will offer to pay for those courses/trainings/etc.

Broaden your network

Within the walls of your office are other people with a wide range of connections, experiences, and knowledge who you may not know could be helpful to you in a variety of ways during and after you leave. Make time to grab coffee with them and ask them what makes them happy and about their lives outside of work. Outside of work, there are thousands of networking groups, and if you live relatively close to a city then you can find one of these groups. Look for meet-ups and other business networking groups, and or online groups to keep you motivated. 


The top surveys measuring employee satisfaction include questions around employee personal connections as well as engagement with the workplace community. Wonder why? Top researchers have found that when we take opportunities and improve the environment around us, we create more productive and happier work cultures.  You have a wealth of knowledge to share with others, and can share that through ways like mentoring junior staff, creating a mastermind, or running an internship program. This can build your skills to lead, and the most powerful way to do this is through empowering others who could use your support or advice. If you’ve struggled with finding your voice, confidence, and owning your particular subject area, then you probably aren’t alone. Find someone who may have just started, invite them out for tea/coffee, and offer to support their transition. You may find yourself learning more from them than you may think!


Most importantly, feed your own mind in your current job daily. If you are walking in each day thinking it’s going to be a bad day, then you’re right it will be. If you are open to being the bigger person, leader, and stay true to your values, you will find more opportunities to be that person. There are two places to look to shape your mindset; One is your spiritual mindset (doesn’t mean religious!) where you are feeding your own creative mind, using your imagination/strengths, working on projects in some capacity that interest you, and second there is the physical element, including spending time with nature, walking for the sake of clearing your mind, and breathing d e e p l y when someone triggers you. Both cannot sustain you by themselves, use techniques like creative challenges online, or walking challenge with friends to get you focused on your well being. There are numerous ways to fill your cup, it doesn’t matter which way, as long as you do it.

As a young professional in my first job it took me quite awhile to master my mindset to keep myself walking in the door and giving my best. I made an important change to my mindset after I was rejected from making an internal move into a different position. I had to come back to work doing my same job and that first morning felt like the hardest ever. I chose a powerful belief that I still use today, which was that I had a path to lead, and my success will happen no matter what my position is. I look to that mantra and continuously find success because I am choosing it.

Whether you are buying time in your current role to make a move into a different part of your company, OR you want to leave the company entirely, your happiness in the moment is monumental. Remember your value, remember your strength, and remember your success will happen no matter what your position is.

lea-berryLea Berry is a Life + Career Coach for passion-driven millennial women looking to pursue their dream careers and create the life their desire. Lea is a former corporate burn out turned entrepreneur who learned that life is better when lived authentically. You can find her at fun events around Washington, DC where she lives with her husband, Roger. You can connect with Lea on Instagram, Facebook, or her Facebook Group!

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