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I'm Kelly - the founder of She Is Fierce! and your host on our blog featuring stories and wisdom from fierce women all over the world! 

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Why what you’ve been through matters — and how you can use it to make a difference  

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Fierce women crave work that matters.

It’s not enough to make money or to have a fancy title. It’s about doing something that is meaningful. And while some find it working for someone else, many choose to create it for themselves. Through entrepreneurship.

As an author and business strategist, I help clients — a lot of them women — package their expertise. Packaging your expertise can be a wonderful way to do work that is meaningful and that truly matters. Everybody is an expert on something — sometimes it’s positive, sometimes not. But for those who are experts in something they can leverage for good and a positive impact in the world, the work they create can have longstanding implications.

Take you. Yes, you.

What are you an expert in?

What have you experienced, learned from, and now can truly speak to others about? What have you been through that has taught you the truth about life? What have you endured that has given you a coping strategy that works — you know it works because it actually saved your life when you went through that tough divorce, illness, loss, or other trauma that shook you to your core.

Use that. Dig deep into that to find a way to match the expertise gained from that experience to something others need.


Examine your expertise gained from pain:

  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • Why was this lesson important?
  • What did this lesson help me do?
  • Who else needs to know what I now know? Who else is struggling with something similar to what I struggled with?
  • Where do these people hang out? What do they read? How can I determine what they need, based on what I have learned?
  • What is the best way to help them with what I know?


The answers to those questions can help you discover what product, program, or service you can create as a result of what you learned. What you learn by going through this exercise can also show you where to find the audience who needs what you can offer. That way, you can create something people actually want to buy — and that has tremendous meaning.

Still not sure how what you’ve been through can be turned into business? Let’s look at a few examples…

Take your struggle with weight. Maybe you were struggling since your teens and having that second baby just really sent you over the edge. You couldn’t lose the weight, no matter what you tried. And boy, did you try some things. But somewhere along the way, something changed. You began to lose the weight. Not only that, but you kept losing and got to a weight you had only dreamed of.

And the biggest victory? You’ve kept it off. Now, you can turn what you learned from your experience into something that can help others. Maybe you develop a fitness boot camp for busy moms. Or you write a book that lays out the approach you took, as well as addresses the pitfalls most people face. In doing this, you turn your painful experience into help and service to others. You turn it into meaning.

Or perhaps you went through a nasty divorce from someone you imagined you’d be with forever. The divorce felt like it tore out your guts. You can’t even count the number of days you stayed in bed, refusing to face the world. It threatened not just your mental health, but your financial health, too, as you realized you could end up with no money, despite the fact that you helped your spouse build a business he now claims as his alone. But somehow, you turned things around. Out of that divorce, you emerged with more confidence, more strength, and yes, more money that was due you because you chose to handle your business and got the proper legal, financial, and other help you needed to navigate that tricky situation. Today, you have a wealth of knowledge that can help other women in similar circumstances, so they don’t end up broke and broken.


So use what you have to be bold, strong, and fierce.

You truly can look to your experiences to highlight expertise you can use to do work you find meaningful and that matters to the world.



Monica Carter Tagore, She Is Fierce! ContributorMonica Carter Tagore is an author and business strategist. She helps mission-driven and creative entrepreneurs and executives live bigger lives by sharing their messages, ideas, and abilities. She does this by helping them package and share their expertise for thought leadership and growth.

Ready to learn how to market what you do, brand your business, and get better clients? Get her Accelerate training program here.

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