February 12, 2015

9 Questions That Will Make You a Better Leader






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Being a leader is not limited by what role or job title you have.  You can be a leader in your career, your family, your church, your volunteer positions or in your community.

Whether you are taking on a new leadership position, or trying to improve your skills, answering these questions will help you lead confidently and successfully…


Do you know yourself- your skills –your best and not so best ones- your passions and true values?

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Leaders don’t let their ego or a need for power get in the way of helping others be successful too.[/pullquote]

Leaders know themselves and have a realistic picture of themself. Knowing their true values and living a life that reflects their values helps them to be authentic in their actions and behaviors.


Do you have courage to go the path you think is best no matter what others may think?

Leaders sometimes have to take the path no one else is on – IF they think it is the RIGHT one! It takes courage!

Do you envision how things can be better?

Leaders are driven by a desire and passion to make things better and can see opportunities others don’t see! Leaders can communicate in a way that helps others see the vision and inspire them to want to work toward the vision!

Do you enjoy challenges?

Leaders like to solve problems and are not stopped by obstacles – they see them as opportunities!

Do you have persistence to stay the course when things get tough?

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Leaders can “ let go” of controlling everything so others can add their talents too![/pullquote]Leaders have to stick to it even when they meet obstacles.




Do you enjoy getting things done and accomplishing things with others or do you like working alone?

Leaders can “ let go” of controlling everything so others can add their talents too! Leaders know that a team can get more done than one individual. They believe in synergy of 1 & 1= 3! Leaders can inspire and motivate others to go with them to get things done!

Do you enjoy helping others grow and develop?

Leaders enjoy helping others grow and letting others get the credit when deserved. Leaders know they don’t have all the answers so they need the talents of others to make for the best outcome or solution.

Does it matter to you if someone is promoted over you if it is someone who you helped develop?

Leaders don’t let their ego or a need for power get in the way of helping others be successful too. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Leaders are confident and also love to learn and get better themselvesAre you open to feedback and critiquing from others?[/pullquote]Leaders are confident and also love to learn and get better themselves. They are not threatened by feedback from others. They encourage it! Leaders have an attitude of openness.




Can you admit to and learn from your mistakes?

Leaders acknowledge they are human too and have areas to develop. They can own up to their mistakes and do not blame others! They can laugh at themselves and also learn from mistakes.




barb171This is the first in a series of articles on leadership by Featured Contributor, Barbara Williamson, Ph.D.  Meet Barbara on our Featured Contributors page!



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9 Questions That Will Make You a Better Leader

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