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I'm Kelly - the founder of She Is Fierce! and your host on our blog featuring stories and wisdom from fierce women all over the world! 


#25: Follow Your Calling with Cindy Funkhouser, Nonprofit CEO

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Cindy Funkhouser Podcast


She Is Fierce! Is a global women’s network that elevates women’s stories and gives you the tools and connections you need to live ON PURPOSE.

I’m so delighted to be bringing you a new season of the official She Is Fierce! Podcast.

On our podcast, you’ll hear the inspiring stories of professionals and entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges and built purpose-filled lives  and – you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at my mission-driven business and learn how to brand and grow your own.

It is my sincere hope that the upcoming episodes of our podcast will get you thinking about what is possible for you… AND help you take your own big, audacious LEAP OF FIERCE.


Today’s interview is with past She Is Fierce! Speaker Cindy Funkhouser.

Cindy is the President & CEO of the Sulzbacher Center, Northeast Florida’s largest provider of services for men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness.

She wasn’t always a nonprofit leader though.  After a transformational experience helping victims of Hurricane Andrew, Cindy realized she felt an inescapable calling to help the homeless population.

Her story and her daily service of others is a perfect beginning to a podcast season focused on what it means to live “on purpose.”

You can support Cindy and her mission at the Sulzbacher Center by donating or volunteering your time here.

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