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I'm Kelly - the founder of She Is Fierce! and your host on our blog featuring stories and wisdom from fierce women all over the world! 


#19: Own and Use Your Gifts: A She Is Fierce! Talk with Melanie Lawson, TV Anchor

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Hi everyone! This is Kelly Youngs, founder of She Is Fierce! and host of the She Is Fierce! Podcast.


Today, I am so delighted to share the story of a woman I’m very lucky to call a friend and who is an inspiration to me and thousands of other women who watch her every morning on the local news at our North Florida news partner, News4Jax… TV News Anchor Melanie Lawson.


In addition to starting work on-air at 4:30am every morning, she is also the mom to two, a wife and an active advocate for the American Heart Association, the Healthy Start Coalition and the Children’s Home Society.


As you’ll hear in Melanie’s talk – she has had her fair share of family and work challenges along the way, but I know you’ll be inspired by her honest take on what it means to really be present in your work, marriage and motherhood (or whatever you’re dealing with right now) even when it seems like your circumstances are working against you.


You’ll hear her story of how she has found her own sense of confidence at work and satisfaction at home – and the truth behind the glamorous TV anchor stereotypes…


I hope you enjoy listening to Melanie’s story as much as I did…


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