Meditation: It's All Within You

February 16, 2017

Meditation: It’s All Within You






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Meditation: It's All Within You

The following chapter is taken from the self help book It’s All Within You by Katrina Calvin;

God, please guide my tongue to say the right thing at the right time with the right heart and mind. Amen.

– Reisha Baker

Find a quiet place within your environment, such as your bedroom – somewhere you will not be disturbed. Tune in and discover the stillness within yourself. When you just close your eyes and practice sitting in silence, think about what you are going through and what you are finding difficult.

Ask yourself: One year from now, will this matter? Why am I giving this situation so much of my power? What am I learning from being in this situation? How can I handle this situation better with my actions and words? Take deep breaths in and out. Meditation helps us to become aware of our inner state. Maybe you have never meditated before. At first, you may find it difficult to just sit there with your eyes closed in silence.

Do not worry; this practice will help you calm down your mind and become still and silent. At first, you may have lots of thoughts coming to mind when you sit there. Just say stop silently, and the thoughts will start to calm down. I recommend that you practice meditation daily. You can do it anytime. For me, the morning works best, before I go out and start my day. Meditation is a practice that helps you to connect within the true essence that is within yourself.

It should be done every day no matter what you are going through. Maybe you have been talking negatively about the situation you find yourself in. Think about others and how this action is serving you. Is it improving matters or making things worse? Remember, each and every day, change is possible. You will not be stuck in this situation for the rest of your life. It shall pass over time. Start to see that everyday is an opportunity to grow and learn about the strengths you have within you.

During difficult times, we learn more about our inner selves. See these times as a test. How am I going to prepare and pass this test? What inner strength will I discover and build upon? How much growth will I obtain? Begin with this affirmation: “I am finding inner empowerment from difficulties that arise within my life.”

It’s All Within You can be purchased at;

Katrina Calvin, She is Fierce! Contributor

Katrina Calvin is an author. She has worked in the educational field for over 8 years now. She discovered her passion of helping children and young people become the best versions of themselves and raising there consciousness from a young age. She believes that everyone can become the best versions of themselves.

She has worked international in the Czech Republic for 8 months. Where she  taught children and young people as well as parents English. She has also worked internationally previously in America during summer camp. Katrina works as a 1:1 specialist  helping to support students to become the best versions of themselves.

She believes that we must have goals in life otherwise we can be lead in a different direction from where we desire to go. She also believes in female empowerment all girls should be fierce and be go getters in life! Get to know and understand the way the mind works is the key! “The way that we talk to our children become their inner voice”~ Peggy O’Mara. You can change the way your inner voice talk to you for the better. No matter your circumstances everyone can achieve greatness.

To discover more from It’s All Within You by Katrina Calvin please visit; www.katrinacalvin.comTo connect with Katrina… Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

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Meditation: It's All Within You
Meditation: It’s All Within You

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