February 11, 2017

Manage Your Finances: How To Live A Fun Yet Frugal Life






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Manage Your Finances: How To Live A Fun Yet Frugal Life


Being an adult entails duties and responsibilities that the younger generation might not understand. Paying bills, buying groceries, paying insurance – all these things can get daunting when you are not earning the amount of money that you desire. Living on a tight budget is a must to start your savings, but it is tricky and requires creativity. An example of this is when my friend found a really great car insurance quote from Money Expert because they compare a tonne of quotes.

Now, that sounds like a lot of work, right? But if you think about it, our parents did it all the time. In fact, most parents already understand how to budget their finances to provide the needs of their family. Regardless of how much you make, there is always a way for you to have fun on a minimal budget while piling up on your savings account.

Entertainment is one of the things we spend money on. It could be watching movies, or going on trips, or playing video games; there are some ways to continue still doing the things you love while saving some bucks.

Getting the morning paper is one alley of saving some money. The entertainment guide on the newspaper contains news on events in your local town. By reading the morning paper, you’ll be surprised how many free stuff and free events you can get.

Local museums and libraries often have free events and programs that you might enjoy. If you head your way over there, you just might get some free passes for you and your friends.

Take a stroll in the park. There’s so much to see out there. Enjoying nature, for one, can be relaxing especially when you had a tough day. Bringing your kids (if you have any), friends and other members of the family will enjoy the stroll too.

Going to the movies is expensive. Don’t even get started on how much the food there costs! Renting a movie on Netflix is a lot cheaper, and you can also pop your own popcorn at home for some snacks. Movie marathons using your old DVDs can also be fun and nostalgic.

Cancel your cable subscription. On average, every person in America watches TV for 4 hours every single day. That’s technically taking up two months of your year. You can simply cancel your cable subscription and find other activities that you and your family can do. Playing board games can be both fun, and educational for your children. They cost less money too!

Keep your car in its best shape. Though it may seem a bit costly every time you get the engines tuned or oil changed, you save more money doing so than getting a broken car fixed once every two years. Make sure to keep your tires inflated too.

Ride the bus if you’re going to a nearby destination. Driving your vehicle sounds more convenient, but it actually isn’t. Walking, riding the bike, or using public transportation allows you to get some exercise, save some gas money, and prevent any possible vehicular accidents that will cost more money in the long run. You do not only save money; you help yourself get in shape.

Collect coupons and gift cards. They are everywhere! Coupons from newspapers, magazines, and emails are of great use when you need it the most. Gift buying and grocery shopping are two alleys where you can use the coupons and save up.

Another way of saving up some money is packing your lunch for work. It gives you the chance to prepare something inexpensive and healthy.

Stay away from Starbucks. Yes, their coffee is good, but not many people realize that a single latte can cost up to $5. Your wallet will thank you later on if you make your coffee at home and put them in a portable mug instead. That’s a sure way of getting fewer calories and more antioxidants.

Bulk buying saves money. That’s general knowledge. One toilet paper costs more than buying 12 of them altogether. Plus, most coupons apply on bulk orders too. You save twice as much if you think about it.

Buy generic products. It can be beauty products, vitamins, or medicines. The reason why these products are cheaper is because you’re not paying for the company’s patent anymore. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are not as good.

If you think about it, spending your money in a smart way will help you save the money that you might need in the future. In fact, the money you saved can be forwarded to investments to help them grow in a compounded way. There are so many ways you can prevent yourself from overspending, and it starts by planning how to live your life frugally.


Katrina Rice

Katrina Rice is a wife, a mom, and a freelance writer. A self-proclaimed health enthusiast, she hopes to spread awareness on Micronutrient Deficiency, Proper Child Nutrition and Healthy Living among adults.

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Manage Your Finances: How To Live A Fun Yet Frugal Life

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