January 13, 2016

What Would I Regret Not Doing In My Lifetime?






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For 23 years I had been a successful Vancouver based attorney, but that all changed three years ago when I found myself barely able to get out of bed in the morning. Doctors ran tests and were puzzled, concluding that I had some sort of virus, short hand for, “we have no idea.” What was clear, as someone who was an endurance runner, running several half and full marathons, I was now stopped dead in my tracks. I decided I had to change my life and so I walked away from my six-figure salary in order to regain my health and forge a new career. I became an entrepreneur focused on helping others live a life of no regrets. Starting my own business, The Peloton Group Coaching Inc., changed my life forever.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be pressing the reset button on my life at the age of 50, but that’s what I did. I now help other people find their own reset buttons. As a Whole Person Certified Coach, who understands the work/life challenges that many face, I learned the tools that enable people to bring their work and their life outside of work into harmony. My business has flourished in helping people learn how to overcome obstacles, negative self-talk and re-shape their limiting beliefs. In helping clients stretch past their limits, together we lay the foundation for achieving their goals.

In stretching myself, I recently became a new author, launching my first book, The Eighty-Year Rule, a guidebook for anyone wanting to create a new life from where they are today. The Eighty-Year Rule is based on the premise that on looking back on your life from the vantage of 80 years old, and having achieved a satisfying and well-lived life, you know you’ve lived a life of few or no regrets. In telling my own story, I hope to encourage others to be the hero of their own story.


My 6 tips on how to live the Eighty-Year Rule:


1. Take stock, what would you regret not doing in your lifetime?


2. Start where you are by writing down the goal you would like to accomplish.


3. Ask, what is the one thing I can do to accomplish my goal?


4. Put together a step-by-step action plan knowing what’s important to you.


5. Take that first step toward accomplishing your goal.


6. Identify if you’re encountering any obstacles and look to re-vamp your plan to get you over any speed bumps, move forward and believe in yourself.


After moving into a new life as a successful entrepreneur, and having faced the ups and downs, I can say that following your goals and dreams and living boldly is the best way to live a life of no regrets. Becoming an entrepreneur, as I did at the age of 50, I am happy to say, I am living the dream!



Claire YeungLife coach, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, and author, Claire Yeung knows a thing or two about life’s challenges, achieving her dreams, and living a holistic, harmonious life. A health crisis in 2012 made Claire realize that practicing law was not her life’s purpose. At the age of 50, she walked away from her 23-year career as a lawyer to become a life coach. Claire draws upon her experience as a lawyer and an endurance athlete to help her clients to overcome obstacles, negative self-talk, and self-limiting beliefs so that they can achieve their most brilliant selves and live their fullest, boldest, richest lives. Claire’s recently published book, The Eighty-Year Rule poses the question, ”What would you regret not doing in your lifetime?” and then provides readers with the tools they need to transform their lives.

Claire holds an Associate Certified Coach designation (International Coach Federation), a Whole Person Certified Coach designation (Coach Training World), a Juris Doctor (University of British Columbia), and a Bachelor of Commerce (University of British Columbia). In additional to running her own coaching business, The Peloton Group Coaching Inc., Claire is a sessional instructor in the Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

When not coaching or teaching, Claire can be found running, cycling, kayaking or enjoying a glass of wine in North Vancouver, BC.

To find Claire online: www.claireyeung.com | Facebook|Email: claire@claireyeung.com

Twitter: @clairemyeung | Hashtag: #80YearRule | Video


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  1. Angie says:

    Loved this story and her courage to leave her job.

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What Would I Regret Not Doing In My Lifetime?
What Would I Regret Not Doing In My Lifetime?

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