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I'm Kelly - the founder of She Is Fierce! and your host on our blog featuring stories and wisdom from fierce women all over the world! 


The Journey of an Entrepreneur – Is it time for you?

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Come work with one of the most iconic companies in the world!  It will be fun, it will be a creative environment, it will be amazing!

Packed my bags, shipped my car and headed out on another adventure.  I moved across the country where I knew no one, had been only once before for 24 hours for my interview and to a state I had dreamed I’d live in one day.  It’s funny how those things work…dreams.

I worked for a while in this iconic company, but it was not a creative spot for me, it was not amazing and it was not much fun.  I still think it is an amazing company but I quickly figured out that it was not the space for me and there was something nagging me so strongly I had to answer the call.


No one puts Baby in the corner


So with a little push, I took the leap!  I had been developing a life coach practice on the side for years, with a blog and a bit of personal coaching, but my traditional 9-5 was so restrictive I felt like I never had the time I needed to develop my business.  The side was no place for this any more, it was time to take my baby out of the corner!

This ride has been quite the roller coaster.  I present a workshop offering to a client and receive positive response, only to be told later there might not be enough budget for it.  Then in the same week I find out one of my clients has had a major breakthrough and they are calling me to share and thank me for my part in their new success.  The downs with the ups!




Here is the deal, I wouldn’t trade the downs and lows for an uninspired moment in front of a computer in a cubicle working for someone else!  It’s not only the highs that make up for the lows, it’s the understanding that I am the force that makes it happen.

In the corporate world I worked and sought the approval of my boss or the person who would give me a raise.  I did work not because I was inspired to do it but because it was what I was paid to do and do well.  Doing well was based on the subjective view of my boss and it did not always mean I would get a raise or even praise.  I often just got more work if I was doing well, “do more with less” as the adage goes.


A Different World


Today I wake up inspired to share knowledge and help people move through their often self-imposed limitations.  I get the front row seat of witnessing breakthroughs and the calls of joy, or desperation requesting to borrow my belief in them so they can make it through a setback.  I get to look into people’s eyes and reach people’s hearts, not stare at a screen and push paper that means little to anyone but a shareholder.


Is it right for you?


If you question if the time is right for you, then you’ve already come to the point of no return.  If you question if you are ready, I can say you are probably not, but don’t let that stop you.  If you are wondering if it is worth it, I will tell you that although I’m still in the messy middle between idea and fortune, I love the power I now have to be in charge of my life.  I believe I reached success the moment I stepped into my business and from there I have nowhere to go but up!  Only you can decide if it’s right for you, but I can say the highs and lows will be nothing like you’ve experienced working for someone else, they belong all to you.



Elizabeth Miner, She Is Fierce! ContributorElizabeth Miner is a life-long student experienced in taking the road less traveled. She has developed a unique and practical coaching practice based on studying the greats in personal development and combining that knowledge with lessons learned throughout her life.

While quick to tell you she does not have all the answers, she has created a business around her passion for sharing experiences and knowledge which brought her from poverty to running her own business and living life to its fullest.  Elizabeth founded Thrive This Day to help individuals working through life transitions through coaching, mentoring and community.

Connect with Elizabeth…

  1. yaya says:

    Being your own boss definitely has its highs and lows, but overall the freedom is worth it and when you accomplish things or make a client feel good, it’s an amazing feeling

    • Thanks so much for your comment Yaya. I agree with you, the feeling that comes from creating something that helps clients or brings them joy is fantastic!
      Wishing you success and abundance in your venture and life.

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